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09.01.2006 General News

EGLE Party warns government

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Accra, Jan. 9, GNA - The EGLE Party on Monday drew the attention of government to the current nationwide blackouts and warned that any increase in electricity or any other tariffs would be met with the fiercest resistance.

In a New Year message signed by Mr Danny Ofori, Chairman, the Party said this year was one of forgiveness, repentance and hard work in one love.

On the just-ended National Delegates Congress (NDC) National Delegates' Congress, the Party said it believed in former Chairman Dr Obed Asamoah's political maturity and wished that he would act accordingly and remember that posterity would never forget him for any damage to the NDC.

The Party congratulated the new elected National Executives chaired by Dr Kwabena Adjei and called on them to quickly revisit the formation of a coalition with the EGLE party, the National Reform Party (NRP) and any other progressive political groupings.

It called on the rank and file of the NDC, NRP and any other progressive political forces to remember that "together we win, divided we lose. This is not the time to lose, this is the time to forget". The Party, therefore, called on Dr Asamoah to forgive just as the National Reform Party and EGLE Party forgave him and to try to help to bring together the NDC into one great coalition of the NDC, NRP, EGLE and any other progressive political forces "as this is the way to galvanize our strength and unity towards winning the 2008 General Election".