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07.05.2019 Feature Article

Ghana will never be beyond AID

Ghana will never be beyond AID

Chocolate is the only product in this world which through itself makes a human happy. Happiness is the basis for all humans regardless of their financial or social status to be successful in all walks of life. Being rich but unhappy is not a happy and successful life. To lead a satisfying spiritual life, in addition, makes us overcome obstacles on our path to end our lives gloriously.

The number of cocoa bean producing countries is limited; to be dominantly located in Africa and Latin America. Ghana and Ivory Coast produce together approx.70% of the world production, all of West-Africa approx. 85% of world cocoa beans.

When Oil was discovered and exploited on the Arabian Peninsula, OPEC was established to use an organization of unity to balance the field of price negotiations with the consuming countries. Oil can be replaced by other sources to move cars and machineries or replace products; candies cannot replace the power of chocolate.

Cocoa bean producing countries still allow the 6 big players in the market to take advantage of a missing unity of these countries not having formed a counterpart to OPEC and face up to the big companies having made their fortune and achieved their market position during colonial times.

„FairTrade“ chocolate is the „friendly“ face of exploitation („FrairTrade“ Oil does not exist) and colonizing the cocoa bean producing countries on a more sophisticated level. Fair prices in a market situation fundamentally do not exist, only a market price.

If a united organization of cocoa bean countries is formed and effective, „FairTrade“ chocolate is no longer needed and has no basis anymore for which reason „FairTrade“ organizations are not fighting for such a body of unity.

Ghana Republic`s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, built in Tema Harbor Silos to store cocoa beans to be sold at the right price only. The silos have never hosted any cocoa beans.

For the past years current President Akuffo-Addo had promised to sign a contract with Ivory Coast to unite in the cocoa bean industry but not yet fulfilled. The propaganda soon to process all cocoa beans in Ghana itself, if ever come to pass, will only create jobs, but leave the price (income for Ghana) to speculators around the world untouched.

Gas, Oil, Bauxite, and Gold, etc. will one day eventually be no more, yet cocoa beans will be guiding Ghana into the future for thousand years and more to come.

The handling of this vital aspect of Ghana´s economy and society exposes the weakness of the Politicians and Ghanaians as a whole to move Ghana beyond AID.

Sadness lies in the fact that Ghana refuses to ask for help and solve their problem once and for all. Vanilla is more expensive than silver, it grows around cocoa trees when done right (besides other involved aspects)….explodes Ghana´s national income.

Ghanaians kill themselves over and over again and the White Man pays for it from his Tax payer’s money. Heartbreaking…to say the least!

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2019

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