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03.05.2019 Feature Article

Are Ghanaians Responsible For The Crimes Committed By Foreigners?

Are Ghanaians Responsible For The Crimes Committed By Foreigners?

In life, before someone will treat you badly, the person will first study your behavior and how you respond to things. Africans give every misfortune they suffer whether deliberate or not to God. This is the reason, the African continent has suffered more than any continent in the world.

When Donald Trump nearly lost his mind over the careless attitude of the North Korean leader, he was the same person that made peace with the Kim Jong Un because he quickly realized that the man is extremely dangerous. Since we don’t have that kind of leaders in Africa, our stories are always different.

At times, you might take the interest of an African or Ghanaian into consideration, since you are also an African, you think you need to write something to protect them. Even though I don’t write medical articles without first reading medical documents given by scientist Johan Van Dongen or Dr. Wolff Geisler, in the end, the same people you are writing to protect will turn against you.

This kind of attitude has encouraged more crimes on African soil by foreigners with impunity. Ghanaians continue to blame their leaders for hardships, yet many are unaware that foreign powers and African leaders rule the African continent at the same time.

Yet when you explain the criminal activities of foreign governments in Africa, a Ghanaian will insult you and say conspiracy theories. Because of the bad attitude of many Ghanaians, they are easily influenced by lies than truth.

We are responsible for our suffering because we are never one. We are responsible for the crimes foreigners commit in the country because we show them the way. The bad attitude of some Ghanaians has encouraged foreigners using fake names to attack writers on ModernGhana news site. I have seen a lot because they know that Ghanaians will not fight back.

Any American can give a comment with a false name and refute the authenticity of an article because his aim is to protect his country. Africans are dying of Ebola, a disease deliberately created by the US government, yet one calling himself 'Bold' is attacking me to defend America.

We shouldn't let such comments change our minds if we don't want to be victims of crimes by foreign powers. If we want to Ghana to survive as a nation, we shouldn't allow such comments to change our minds at all because that's the intention of that one.

Without love, Ghana will be the same no matter how hard we try. As for me, I will not let insults put me off from writing. My only happiness is to write, after eight hours of hard day's work from Monday to Friday, and no one can take that happiness from me.

Joel Savage
Joel Savage, © 2019

Joel Savage is a Ghanaian-Belgian journalist and author. The accredited press-card holder of the Flemish Journalists Association once contributed regularly to the features column of the Daily Graphic, The Mirror, Ghanaian Times and the Weekly Spectator. The writer currently lives in Belgium., Author column: JoelSavage

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