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03.05.2019 Social News

Orthopedic Cases Cause Of Road Traffic Accidents

By Mohammed Zunurene
Orthopedic Cases Cause Of Road Traffic Accidents

Road accidents have been identified as the leading cause of fractures and other orthopaedic cases reported at the St. Joseph’s Orthopedic Hospital in Koforidua, Dr Riesberg Amoah, an orthopaedic doctor, has revealed.

Speaking to a GBC sunrise FM correspondent Dr Amoah advised motorist and cyclist to be very cautious and avoid reckless driving, wrong overtaking and over speeding on the road in order to prevent road traffic accidents.

“Most of the fractures are as a result of road traffic accidents so if we will be able to minimize the occurrence of road traffic accidents in Ghana will go a long way to prevent some of these fractures that is coming into our system. So we have to be cautious on the road, education should intensify and the police should be alert,” he said.

Speaking on other harmful health practices, Dr Amoah advised the public to avoid self-medication and rather visit the hospital when they have any health concern in order to prevent what he referred to as ‘bacterial resistance’.

Dr Amoah also expressed worry about how some people wait until their disease gets worse before they report to the hospital.

“Elsewhere, they have blocked a lot of purchases on even the pharmacy shops. You cannot buy paracetamol above a certain quantity. You have to buy it for a short period. If you go without a doctor’s prescription you will not be given unless NHIS allows it to be given over the counter. You can’t buy antibiotics. We self medicate a lot, and because of that we are getting antibiotic resistance,” Dr Amoah bemoaned.

In the wake of the recent spate of road carnage in the country, it will be recalled that the Ghana Medical Association vehemently kicked against the legalization of commercial motorbikes popularly known as “okada” because according to the Association its legalization could lead to an increase in road accidents with its associated medical burden.