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01.05.2019 General News

BNI Boss Sacked

Staff Writer
News Rasheed Seidu Innusah

The Director of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), has reportedly been removed from office.

Rasheed Seidu Innusah, until his appointment as director of the BNI, worked at the Research Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a security unit of the ministry.

DAILY GUIDE has learnt that he has returned to his former position and his place taken over by his deputy, a certain Dumfrey.

Even before the official release of the correspondence about his removal speculations were rife about the presidential action.

The coordination between BNI and sister agencies, especially the police, did not deserve plaudits.

The lapse was said to have impacted somewhat negatively in managing the case related to the kidnapping of the three Takoradi girls.

Much appears not to have been achieved although he was said to have reached out to a neighbouring country in the broader response to the kidnapping case.

BNI's operations were reportedly not shared with the police and this led the security agencies to present varying stories to the public as evidenced by the CID's “we know where the girls are” gaffe.

Curious Ghanaians posed questions about whether or not there was coordination among the security agencies, especially those dealing directly with the case involving the kidnapped girls in Takoradi.

If, indeed, the action is intended to streamline operations in the security architecture of the country then perhaps similar changes could be in the offing in other agencies.

The BNI operates under the umbrella of the National Security Ministry whose work is crucial in the overall management of security in the country.

There is also speculation that there is a further underlying factor, which led to his removal, details of which would hardly make it to the media.

The Director of the BNI used to be Akwasi Appiah until Rasheed's appointment by the President.

—Daily Guide