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01.05.2019 General News

NAGRAT Prez May Day Message: 'Never Trivialise What You Do'

Staff Writer
Eric CarbonuEric Carbonu



NAGRAT brings warm wishes to all workers in general and special greetings and congratulations to teachers, particularly NAGRAT Members.

On this historic day, your continuous hard work and immense contribution towards the human resource development of Ghana is immeasurable. Your tireless efforts ensure that the next generation of our country’s workforce and leaders are prepared adequately for the enhancement of our society.

You work under very challenging circumstances, be it under-resourced environment with inadequate working tools or in very challenging areas without the minimum social amenities. This makes you versatile and an indispensable worker in this country.

This year’s celebration is focusing on Pensions hence, the theme; “Sustainable Pensions, the role of Social Partners”. The theme brings to mind our current social and economic circumstances and our future sustenance having served our dear country with all our wherewithal.

As a Union, we have taken cognisance of the economic malaise that affects workers adversely. These include the depreciation of the cedi, high-income taxes, high inflation rates, leading to increases in prices of goods and services. These over the period have eroded the real value of salaries and income. In these circumstances, it is difficult to save let alone invest for the future, making one’s preparation towards Pension difficult and an impossible enterprise.

We, therefore, call on Government to note that sustainable Pension for the Ghanaian worker has depends on his/her income today, and the need to promptly address the economic challenges bedevilling the country and confronting the Teacher.

On this occasion, there is the need to encourage members to prepare adequately towards pension. The fact that with pensions one gets what he/she puts in, brings to the fore the need for teachers to take personal steps to ensure that the quality of life during pension does not worsen.

Colleagues, never trivialise what you do because you are an important part of the labour force. A skilled worker, regardless of the job description, remains a treasure. From the classrooms, school laboratories, counselling rooms, dormitories, libraries, offices, school fields, dining halls, etc. your work as a teacher has contributed in shaping the future of our dear nation. You indeed deserve the recognition you are getting today as such, on this memorable day, we call on all workers and teachers to be mindful of the value of Unionism since this spirit brought about the May Day Celebrations.

Congratulations once again, NAGRAT is proud of you.

Long live the Workers of Ghana

Long live NAGRAT.