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01.05.2019 Opinion

When Smile Overshadows Everything.

By Jessey Kuntu Blankson
When Smile Overshadows Everything.
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One could imagine what type of article does the writer wants its readers to take notice of? Why such a headline? Why should the article be published? Has smiling really win the heart of a woman for the writer?

Studies show an attractive smile makes a person appear smarter, more successful, more friendly and can even earn a higher salary. These days at interview, most panels look for people who smile especially at the banking sector?

An incident really occurred on Monday when I had interaction with a young beautiful lady named Samuella at Odorkor Station. This was the first time of meeting such a lady with a gorgeous smile. Perhaps I believe is the smile that made me get closer to her. Firstly I greeted her n introduced myself to her. In fact, the smile on her face made me not talk too much. Her smile seemed we already knew each other. After conversation, we all departed to our various homes. As I got to my house, I pondered on Samuella's reaction to me. In fact, I marveled at the puzzling of the whole story. I quickly took my phone and WhatsApp her on the smile she meted out to me. It reads:

“Your smile to me can't be something I could erase in any book. I wish to see your smile in all books I purchased. You are really a smile institution were others can learn. As an institution, when a man walks and abides by all your doing, he has good place to lay his head. Your smile alone is enough for me to brighten my room and shadow off the sun I see daily. When I dry my clothes,l wish you will appear with the smile to dry my things on the line prop. I can never close my eye without imagining that smile of you. You are really my eclipse of the day. I do not rush to kneel before you and propose. I wish to do. But smile tells me we should be friends. As your smile becomes an institution, I really learn rather that entering relationship with you. Your smile alone is enough for me” I quickly came to a conclusion and said”

The beauty of all things is to smile”.Well, not all will agree with me on this article..

Can the expression on Samuellas face really tell me life is good and that there is no need to worry? Can that expression really tell me the reason is to smile…Her smiles are not only in photos. In difficult times or bad times, she smiles more. As said, it is the result that matters not the situation. Smiling is one way to face all problem. Imagine how beautiful it is to see people smiling at their situations.

In fact, Life is at its best when people know how to smile with conviction and to laugh freely, without a care in the world and until we ache all over.

There are times we need to smile when there is no need..

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