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06.01.2006 General News

UK's 'worst sex tourist' jailed

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... targetted poor young Ghanaian boys London -- A sex tourist has been jailed for a "minimum" of six years after preying on poor children in Ghana.Judge Roger Chapple said the 56-year-old's crimes represented "a catalogue of manipulation, corruption, depravity and degradation".The father-of-two had targeted young boys in Ghana and video-taped his attacks, at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court heard.He also used his mobile home to tour England looking for other vulnerable youngsters.His reign of perversion came to an end when a French holidaymaker spotted him in Ghana, handing out toys to local children.He was deported and arrested on his return to Britain. Cumbrian-born Kilpatrick, the first person to be jailed under new "sex tourism" legislation, pleaded guilty to 17 assorted sex offences between October 1, 2004, and May 8 last year.He must serve six years - minus some 254 days already spent behind bars - before parole can be considered. "It does not mean for a moment you will serve only the minimum I have specified," the judge added. He was also banned from working with children, being in company with anyone under 16 or travelling to Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Goa or Costa Rica.After reading an impact statement by a 12 year-old victim in Britain, Kilpatrick said: "I should crawl off and die."