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30.04.2019 Education

John Dumelo Urges Basic Schools, Parents To Show Interest In Cultural Talents Of Children

Francis Cofie
John Dumelo Urges Basic Schools, Parents To Show Interest In Cultural Talents Of Children

Popular film actress John Dumelo has advised basic schools and parents alike to promote and develop the cultural and creative talents of their wards which could form part of their future careers.

He said it was important for society or Ghanaians for that matter to remind children of their cultural heritage in order that they do not lose their cultural identity to foreign cultures.

John Dumelo noted that with the present craze and fancy for social media platform and its unedited content, the likelihood of children or the youth losing their cultural identity was very high.

He added that there was the need for schools and other relevant authorities to organize cultural events and activities to remind the children of their cultural background and historical roots.

Speaking as the Chairman at the Cultural Festival of St. Thomas Preparatory and Junior High School at Abeka in Accra which was under the theme “unearthing talents through culture”, John Dumelo urged all other basic schools to emulate the gesture of St. Thomas school for children to imbibe the knowledge of their peculiar Ghanaian cultural identity.

“Whilst learning about our culture, it was not out of place to learn about other African people’s cultures which share similarity with our culture merely to broaden our knowledge on those cultures in the African setting” , he said, adding that positive aspects of other foreign cultures could also be adopted.

Mr Dumelo commended the school for organizing the event saying that it will go a long way to broaden the knowledge of the youth on the diversity of the Ghanaian historical culture.

He stressed that out of these young ones, there will be actors and actresses, musicians, and many more adding that he will avail himself anytime to help develop the talents of the children.

In a welcome address, the Headmaster of the school, Mr Edwin Zotor said the rationale of the event was to unlock the cultural potential of the children and to promote a positive change in their behaviour.

The youth, he said, who are the hope of the future upon whose arms rest the mantle of the future leaders of our country must be salvaged from cultural ignorance.

He said some of the pupils may not be academically inclined but gifted in other areas adding that such activities are therefore appropriate to present an opportunity to them to unearth their God-given potential in the arts.

The Assistant head of the school, Mama Dzewu III of Kpando Traditional area, in a word of advice, urged students to always abide by the principles of environmental cleanliness wherever they find themselves and not dispose of rubbish indiscriminately.

Some cultural dances performed include dances from the Ashanti, Northern, Volta and Greater Accra Region among others.

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