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29.04.2019 Opinion

King Saddique Speaks : What Do You Really Produce In Ghana?

By Abubakar Saddique Ahmed
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Have you ever wondered how you will feel when one day, we wake up in Ghana and we are told Whatsapp, Facebook, air conditions, mobile phones and others are no more?

This is what I have been asking people. As a free thinker, I engaged a welder who was welding a metal i sent to his shop. I asked him how he will feel when one day he goes to buy a rod for welding and he's told Ghana has been barred from importing rod. He was like " 3y3 As3m oooooo" meaning it is a problem ooooooooo. His source of livelihood would have just come to an end because his country Ghana does even produce rods for welding. We have so many other examples.

We have polytechnics, now converted into technical universities. We have the Universities that run engineering courses and technical senior high schools, but I ask: what do they produce or are taught to produce?

How will the president and his ministers, Parliamentarians feel when the V8s they drive is not been sold to them any more by the producers? How will they live their lives? Where are the cars Ghana produces?

Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo has been phenomenal but, how is government supporting his production? So, that, when Toyota, Nissan, Benz, and the rest don't sell their cars to us we can also boldly be proud to patronise one of our own?

It is very dangerous as the kind of people we have turned ourselves; "consumers" but not "producers "

Must we continue to be CONSUMERS but not PRODUCERS?

Writer : Abubakar Saddique Ahmed

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