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28.04.2019 Feature Article

How NDC are Making a Fool of Themselves over Aisha Huang’s Saga is Beyond Gumption

Opinion How NDC are Making a Fool of Themselves over Aisha Huang’s Saga is Beyond Gumption

I am obliged by the love of my country of birth and the desire to educate fellow Ghanaians as well as being of service to my people and country, to quickly put out this publication before I retire to bed. Although I feel tired and sleepy, readers and my fans will bear with me a minute for engaging them in this brief article meant for their perusal.

Is it not a popular Akan adage that “Kwatrekwa se 3bema wo ntoma a tie ne din”, literally translated into English as, “Is it not doubtful for a naked person to promise to give you a cloth” or “If a naked person assures you of the provision of a cloth, look at his own nudity”? This proverb is cited in my honest attempt to rubbish a declared stance by the NDC via Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa (Hon), the Member of Parliament for North Tongu constituency, that the NDC will ensure the extradition of the notorious Chinese woman Aisha Huang, otherwise called “Galamsey Queen” from her deportation to China, to face Ghana laws and prosecution should they come to power in 2020 if they won the election.

I read his assertion meant to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians, same believing that Ghanaians have a short memory hence we are so stupid to buy into their perpetual dissemination of falsehoods directed at regaining power and/or staying in power, on Peacefmonline .com this morning, Sunday, 28 April, 2019 at 08:20 hours. It was under the title, “NDC Vows To Bring Back 'Galamsey Queen'...But Kweku Baako Expresses Doubt” and published on 27 April 2019 under the web link below.

The question to ask ourselves is, was it not during the tenure of the NDC government under former President John Dramani Mahama that Aisha Huang committed all her established and alleged atrocities against mother Ghana and Ghanaians? Did the NDC government through some of the government appointees and top military and police personnel not by their actions offer her immunity against arrest and prosecutions by giving her protection induced by Chinese sex and money, I should think? Why did they not arrest, prosecute and jail her but rather gave her their blessings either directly or indirectly to carry on inflicting her atrocious devastation on the Ghanaian ecology through her unrestrained illegal surface mining called “galamsey”?

I detest with vehemence the hypocrisy of the NDC with their mission of regaining power through frivolous and reckless telling of lies to Ghanaians. Their lying propaganda becomes more hated by me when I see some media houses and radio programme presenters buying into the fabrications by the NDC with the aim of getting the electorates to vote them back into power come Election 2020.

Is this Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa not the then young man allegedly insinuated by former President J. J. Rawlings as being the sycophantic baby with sharp teeth? Anyway, let me go to bed as I feel my point is now clearly made. Don’t trust these NDC guys who in the first place allowed the influx of illegal Chinese into the country to destroy our water bodies, pollute the air, destroy our fertile and virgin lands and forests, destroy our cocoa farms etc., through their unhindered illegal prospecting and digging for gold almost everywhere in Ghana.

The NDC must either put up as a credible opposition party or must shut the fuck up!

Rockson Adofo

Rockson Adofo
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