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28.04.2019 Feature Article

Ghana Media & NDC Fanatics are Negatively Hyping up the Deportationof the Chinese "Galamsey Queen" Aisha Huang

Opinion Ghana Media & NDC Fanatics are Negatively Hyping up the Deportationof the Chinese

Very unfortunately for me, I have to divert from my agenda for today, Sunday, 28 April 2019, or to sacrifice some of my precious time, to write about how negatively and with ill-intent some Ghana media houses and programme presenters are hyping up the deportation to China of the daring and stubborn Chinese woman called Aisha Huang, alias "Galamsey Queen". They are of the undeterred opinion that Aisha Huang has only been given a slap on the wrest for her audaciously gargantuan infliction of devastation to the ecology of Ghana through her unprecedented illegal surface mining, otherwise called galamsey, in Ghana. They expected her to have been arraigned and convicted to a prison term in Ghana.

Failing to jail her in Ghana unlike her other Chinese or Ghanaian counterparts taking to the same destructive mining of precious mineral, thus gold, in Ghana, it means the woman has been treated overly fairly than her other counterparts arrested for same offence. Both the media and members of the public identifying themselves as NDC members and sympathizers or educated-illiterates are vociferously condemning the Attorney General’s declaration of "nolle prosequi" in the Aisha Huang’s case.

Nolle Prosqui is a legal term and of course a Latin word meaning, "a formal notice of abandonment by a plaintiff or prosecutor of all or part of a suit.•(in the UK) the dismissal or termination of legal proceedings by the Attorney General". Further, still, it is Latin for "we shall no longer prosecute," which is a declaration made to the judge by a prosecutor in a criminal case (or by a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit) either before or during trial, meaning the case against the defendant is being dropped"

Why had the Attorney General, Ms Gloria Akuffo, decided not to prosecute Aisha Huang, a criminal without respect for Ghana laws should we go by her obstinacy to continue mining gold when the NPP Government had, on the contrary, placed a total ban on all illegal surface mining in the country? I have used the word criminal for her not only for her insistence to doing what the government order had sought to prevent anyone, irrespective of their nationality, from doing but also, the news that has just surfaced by a first hand Ghanaian witness and collaborator that she killed a Ghanaian and had sought to kill her rival Chinese compatriot.

Matters have been made worse by whatever explanation purportedly given by Senior Minister Osarfo Marfo to the woman’s non-trial in Ghana but rather her deportation to her home country, thus China. Many a Ghanaian, including some radio programme presenters of whom one Ms Akua Boakyewaah Yiadom of Adom FM radio station, has been craftily but maliciously politicizing the issue to the disadvantage of the NPP Government, making it sound that His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s declared fight against galamsey is only farcical. They, or she, expected the Chinese woman to have been trialled and convicted like any other Ghanaian caught doing galamsey and subsequently dealt with through arraignment and conviction. To them, the woman has been treated more favourably and let off the hook because of Ghana’s economic and financial dependence on China.

Be that as it may, let Ghanaians bear in mind that many factors are considered when dealing with foreign nationals in a host country, especially when that offending foreign national is of a beneficial standing to their home country, but has a detrimental effect on the host country should the person’s fate be misinterpreted by their country as a maltreatment, or compromising their interests.

I am not here to defend the action by the Attorney General and the subsequent explanation by Senior Minister Hon. Osarfo Marfo. However, could their hands not have been tied behind their back owing to the overly dependence of Ghana on China for soft loans that keep the country going and somehow facilitate the embezzlement of funds by our politicians and their cohorts? Hon Osarfo Marfo might have been very candid with Ghanaians by explaining why the woman did not face prosecution in Ghana but rather deported to China.

His fault is, most Ghanaians do not like to hear the truth but lies. Telling the truth hurts but in the end it brings comfort. I wonder why most Ghanaians are comfortable with lies and prefer being told lies than the truth or else, Hon Osarfo Marfo may not be receiving the degree of bashing and call for his resignation as hyped up in Ghana by both NDC and some irresponsible journalists.

Let me try to educate some people here, especially, Ms Akua Boakyewaah Yiadom of either Adom FM or whatever radio station she works at. Deportation in itself is a punitive measure. If you are in a foreign country where you feel very comfortable; you have a decent job, shelter, three square meals of your choice a day, protection and safety and avail yourself of all the human rights as much as the laws of the land grants to the citizens, will you take it lightly if you were to be deported to your country where such benefits are non-existent or are very limited? Do you think Aisha Huang is happier to be in China now than when she was in Ghana having unrestricted powers and rights to do whatever she wanted even to the point of allegedly killing a Ghanaian indigene with impunity? She was alleged to have had the support of, and protection by, some NDC Government Ministers and top government security personnel in all the devastating illegal activities she was carrying out.

If deportation is not a painful punishment, why are the Ghanaians in the USA arrested for deportation by President Donald Trump’s Republican party wailing their eyes out? Are they not being sent to their home country Ghana? Why is the government of Ghana through its ambassador in the USA not facilitating the deportation of the arrested Ghanaians alleged living in the USA illegally hence are by the American laws subject to deportation? Will their families be happy to see them deported or repatriated to Ghana to end the monthly remittances of few American dollars home to support their upkeep?

If deportation is not sufficient punishment in certain circumstances, then I challenge the government of Ghana, especially those NDC fanatics of little-minds, and those radio presenters like Ms Akua Boakyewaah Yiadom making uproar to help facilitate the deportation of the supposedly 7,000 arrested Ghanaians from the United States of America. Why are they condemning and/or making it difficult for President Trump to deport them to Ghana if deportation was not punitive with such sad socio-politico-economic consequences to both the deportee and their home country?

As said in my preceding publication, the NDC guys must be the last to speak against Hon Osarfo Marfo and to demand his resignation from government. This is because it was during their reign that Ghana saw influx of Chinese into the country to unrestrictedly engage themselves in destructive illegal surface mining never witnessed in the history of Ghana. It was during their time that Aisha Huang, through the offer of Chinese sex wormed herself into the hearts of many strong persons in Ghana to subsequently be granted unfettered access to our lands to mine gold as and when she wanted without fear.

Those crying wolf and making big fool of themselves over the deportation of Aisha Huang and the explanation given by Hon Osarfo Marfo had better educate themselves on deportation and its consequences to the individual concerned, the host country and the home country of the deportee as well as any diplomatic protocols involved if any.

This educative contribution comes to you by courtesy of Rockson Adofo, the fearless proud son of Kumawu and Asiampa.

Rockson Adofo

Rockson Adofo
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