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28.04.2019 Opinion

My Quest For Justice And My Intolerance Of Impunity Does Not Make Me An Enemy Of Peace; Liberians Need Justice

Cde. Daniel T.D Pongay
Opinion My Quest For Justice And My Intolerance Of Impunity Does Not Make Me An Enemy Of Peace; Liberians Need Justice
APR 28, 2019 OPINION

Comrades, I bring you revolutionary greetings from the sanctuary of consciousness.

I’m obliged to provide direction in these critical times, as it is incumbent upon me to bring light in times of darkness. The masses must be emancipated and JUSTICE must be served holistically.

I have listened to some muddleheaded comrades and pseudo advocates saying that the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia will hamper our fragile peace, It is very unfortunate and sad that some of us are still thinking unscrupulously.

Comrades, Justice is not an impediment to peace, and the pursuit of justice can never obstruct the search for peace. In the absence of justice there will always be suspicion of War and Economic Crimes.

On the 24th of December 1989 a senseless civil war started in Liberia that lasted for 14 years.

According to statistics, approximately 250,000 Liberians lost their lives, thousands of our People were brutalized, properties were vandalized and thousands were forced into exile.

It has been 16years since the War ended , but JUSTICE has been compromised and Liberia remains a safe heaven for War moguls and Economic criminals.

We all are cognizant that Liberia is a member of the United Nations. In 1998 it was enshrined in the United Nations international law and policy that mediators should not endorse peace agreement that will grant amnesty for War Crimes, Crimes against humanity and genocide, but Liberia has chosen amnesty/impunity over JUSTICE.

It’s pathetic that we are still living in the midst of those who victimized us, we are surrounded by War and Economic criminals, the most disgusting thing is that Liberia has canonized these criminals and rewarded them with lucrative jobs and succulent salaries, that’s Shared Absurdity.

As a patriotic Liberian, I’m calling on the National Legislature to sign a joint resolution and request the full implementation of the TRC final report and must adhere to the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia so that perpetrators of heinous Crimes can be brought to JUSTICE.

People must be held accountable for their actions and JUSTICE must be served in order to save our country from going back to its darkest path. Without JUSTICE peace can not be possible in our complex, civilized society.

Some Liberians have ridiculously claimed that prosecuting War and Economic Criminals will take us back to War and have recommended RECONCILIATION as a way forward.

In my mind, I think they are oblivious that Justice comes with reconciliations.

Fast forward, if I will allude to such sophistry in establishing an argument, I will also recommend to them that we free alleged and convicted Liberians that have been incarcerated for years, then the entire country can be reconciled. Some Liberians are alleged and convicted for RAPE, MURDER and ARMED ROBBERY and have been incarcerated for years and there are others who committed similar crimes during our civil crisis but are masquerading freely and some have been rewarded with public offices, how can we justify that in the context of JUSTICE?

It is inconsequential that we have aggrandized War moguls and Economic Criminals, LIBERIA is a strange country.

Our people were brutalized and murdered, women were raped/abused.

Human intestines were used to various checkpoints, young men and women were drugged and obliged to pickup guns.

The casualties were terrible but JUSTICE remains a taboo in Liberia.

The establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court will serve as a deterrent to creeping dictators and Economic criminals.

We as Liberians must reduce our appetite for impunity. To be sincere, Liberia has nothing but a temporary peace, until due process of the Law and the recommendations of the TRC report are administered and applied, the so-called peace in Liberia will always be fragile and vulnerable to outburst.

I’m calling on all patriotic Liberians to stand up for JUSTICE. Perpetrators of heinous crimes must be brought to Justice.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said:
“True Peace is not the absence of tension; it is the presence of JUSTICE.

Fear shouldn’t impede our quest for Justice, When we downplayed Justice to secure peace, we most likely get neither.

I support the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.

JUSTICE must be served.
By: Cde. Daniel T.D Pongay
Cell: +231770538700
Email: [email protected]

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