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28.04.2019 Feature Article

Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah, Demerefa Duea. Duea Ne Amanehunu.

Today, the family of one of the residents of the State Housing Company's Buduburam estate, where I currently reside, are marking the passage of the first week after the death of their loving and ever-cheerful matriarch, Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah.

The neighbouring residents have shown their love and respect for her, by ensuring that the area is spruced up. They have also helped the family to ready their late matriarch's home, for those who will be mourning with them today.

Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah was a devoted Presbyterian, who seldom missed attending her church's Sunday service. She was always accompanied by her grandchild, little precocious Konadu, on when she doted. According to the reverend minister in charge of the parish where she worshipped, she regularly paid her tithes too - and indeed had done so up to next month, apparently.

Our country has been carried on the backs of millions of hardworking citizens, like Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah, over the decades. They are Mother Ghana's dependable salt of the earth. Mrs. Mensah's noble and dignified life, whiles alive, and the geniune love shown by those now mourning her, epitomizes perfectly, the innate dignity and civilized nature of our people.

When ordinary Ghanaians die, the media does not carry their obituaries as headline news stories. Neither are they given state burials at taxpayers' expense. Sitting presidents are never informed of their deaths, by large family delegations, which call on the president at our country's seat of government. You lived a good and useful life, Mrs. Christiana G. Mensah: Demerefa, duea. Duea ne amanehunu.

Kofi Thompson
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