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27.04.2019 General News

Mother Shock After Death Of ‘Kidnapped’ Two-Year-Old Son

Staff Writer
Mother Shock After Death Of ‘Kidnapped’ Two-Year-Old Son

The mother of a two-year-old boy who was allegedly kidnapped at “Chinese”, a suburb of Kasoa was left in shock when she heared the news of her son’s death.

According to Kwame Owusu, father of the two-year-old boy, his wife is currently recuperating after the shocking news.

“My wife collapsed upon hearing the news of our son’s death,” Kwame Owusu lamented.

He narrated that his son went missing on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, but was later found dead and the body hidden under some rubble late Friday night.

Kwame Owusu said an eyewitness told him that he saw his son in a black saloon car with a Nigerian registration number but the car sped off.

“Initially the eyewitness didn’t want to go to the police to lodge an official complaint but I managed to convince him to go and lodge an official complaint as an eye witness,” Kwame Owusu said.

Anti-Nigerian sentiment

Some angry residents of the area told Citi News that the presence of some Nigerian nationals in the area is the reason for the high number of criminal activities.

“Their activities here are putting the lives of women and children in danger,” an angry resident lamented.

Some of the residents also pointed accusing fingers at some Ghanaian landlords who give their rooms to Nigerian nationals for rentals adding that when they commit any criminal offence they quickly move from the house because the landlords don’t make any good background checks before giving their rooms out to them.

The residents have threatened to sack all Nigerians from the area if the government doesn’t take a step to move them out.

“We will take the laws into our own hands if the government does not act fast,” a resident told Citi News.