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27.04.2019 Headlines

Do People Apologise For Asking Questions— IMANI Justifies Stance

Do People Apologise For Asking Questions— IMANI Justifies Stance

“What are we apologizing for? For asking a question? How do you apologize for asking a question from which someone has provided an answer? It is not a falsehood at all,” Mr. Franklin Cudjoe said.

In justifying the position of the policy think thank, Mr. Cudjoe said:

“First of all, let us know that, the Petroleum Agreement expires in 2036 but the programme of development that Aker submitted is based on an extension of the term of the current concession they had [from 2036 to 2049] and that is when Aker projects that they will cease production of the wells.”

IMANI at a press briefing indicated that the country could lose 30 billion dollars due to the nature of the agreement covering the discovery and pointed to a potential conflict of interest involving GNPC Boss, Dr K.K Sarpong.

Government has denied the allegations and Dr K.K Sarpong and Fuel Trade have asked for an apology.

However speaking to Citi News, President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe said they do not have to apologise for asking questions about the deal.

Dr. KK Sarpong had early on asked IMANI Africa to apologise for peddling falsehood against him over Ghana's agreement with Aker Energy.

IMANI had alleged that Dr. Sarpong had ties with Fuel Trade, a partner agency of Aker Energy citing a clear case of possible conflict of interest against him.