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27.04.2019 General News

IMANI Say Amewu's Response To Aker Energy Deal Weak

Staff Writer
IMANI Say Amewu's Response To Aker Energy Deal Weak

Mr Amewu in a counter press conference said IMANI goofed big time.

Act 919 provides “The Minister shall not approve a plan of development and operation unless…the Minister has received a recommendation from the Commission and relevant agencies…”

“Based on a thorough study and review of the Aker Energy’s PoD, the Commission came to the conclusion that Aker Energy’s PoD cannot be approved in its present form. As indicated earlier, the Commission by a letter dated the 17th day of April, 2019 transmitted an Advisory Paper made up of the reasons why the PoD cannot be approved; to the Minister stating among others that Aker Energy must be made to review the PoD to comply with the necessary provisions of the law and the DWT/CTP PA,” the Minister said.

He also denied that the country risks losing $30 billion dollars if the interest of the state is not protected.

But Mr Bentil is unpleased with the explanation that has been given. He believes there has been a play on the information.

“We didn’t come to this quickly, we have worked on this for quite a while…according to Aker’s own press statement, they said we have found between 400 to 550 million barrels and we could even recover more than that.

“If you just take the 550 million barrels of oil and you multiply it even by $60 per barrels, you will come to the conclusion that the oil fields we found are worth $30 billion dollars,” he added.