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26.04.2019 General News

Takoradi Baby Thief Jailed 5years With Hard Labour

Staff Writer
Takoradi Baby Thief Jailed 5years With Hard Labour

The Gender court in Sekondi in the Western region has sentenced a baby thief to five years in prison with hard labour.

Rose Mawusi Fiaku, 42 , was found guilty of stealing one-year-old Francis Mawusi Ahiabenu at the Takoradi Market Circle in the Western region.

H er ladyship, Abena Akyen Doku, presided over the case and handed down her sentence after a hospital result demanded by the court during the last court hearing showed the convict was not mentally sound as claimed by mother of the convict.

She had pleaded guilty to the offence. Rose who co-habited with Lawson Lartey, 33 years old, was trying to show proof of the results of her pregnancy to her concubine.

She combed through the market on Friday, March 22, 2019 and stole the baby of a market woman there.

Market Circle in Takoradi was thrown into a frenzy over another story of a missing child, as the city is still hurting from the kidnapping of three teenagers last year.

It was a CCTV fixed to the office of the Ghana Home Loans company that would capture the slim, fair and fairly short woman walking off with the baby hooked over her right hand.

Rose Mawusi Fiaku was arrested Tuesday dawn March 26, 2019 with Lawson Lartey who was also charged with abetment of crime.