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26.04.2019 NDC News

EC Say NDC Is A Threat To Ghana's Democracy

By Staff Writer
EC Say NDC Is A Threat To Ghana's Democracy

“I think if there is anyone who is becoming a threat or a potential threat to the democracy we are practising in our country, then I will rather say that it is the posture of the NDC. Since this new Commission took over we have noticed some of the things that have transpired. Before the Ayawaso West by-election, allegations were rife that, the register was bloated and we also noticed pictures of ballot papers.”

“So we as a commission we have seen a particular pattern of the NDC. So I don't see why the NDC will turn around and accuse the Chairperson that her actions were a threat to democracy. This is the only Commission that is committed to Ghana's democracy because we are operating within the law”, he noted.

Deputy Chairperson at the EC, Dr. Bossman Asare who will not take lightly to the comments from the NDC is rather of view that, the schemes of the party are having dire consequences on Ghana’s democracy insisting that the Jean-Mensa administration has so far exhibited efforts aimed deepening the country’s democratic credentials.

The sour relationship between the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), and the Electoral Commission (EC) appears to be worsening by the day.

NDC General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has said the EC Chair, Jean Mensa, appears to harbouring some prejudice against them.

“Somehow, I believe that because we expressed our opinion about her suitability or otherwise for the position when the appointment was made. She appears to be carrying that prejudice and she thinks that is a sufficient reason for denying us our rights. So we think that, the problem is about her attitude and not about the NDC.”

“Every issue that we the NDC have raised has been legitimately based on our rights as provided by law and in most in cases, they have come to apologize. If you ask us what we are doing against the EC, it will be like victim blaming because we are the victim”, he added.