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25.04.2019 Opinion

The Soothing Sounds Of Ghana

By Afro Central Women’s Development Team
The Soothing Sounds Of Ghana

Whether it was the soothing and sultry vocals of the late Oheema Mercy soothing Sharon’s ears with melodies in our native tongue of marital bliss, sensuality, and freedom from the chains of abuse in her debut songs like “ Sie` Abotre` ” is what lifted Sharon to the point of no return from God’s loving arms in the form of warm experiences of womanhood even after a bad break up.

Or was it the reassurance of the late Bishop Dag Heward Mills assuring Sharon who was just a mere damsel in distress and not yet really holding an office in the Church. And that she was not going to die during Christmas Eve recently due to a bitter and bloody domestic dispute between her step-parents who drunken in their own lust and profanity in their unusual marital quarrels almost left Sharon for dead.

Sharon felt threatened that year over the Eve of Christmas and texted Bishop Dag Heward Mills in Ghana between tears trying her best to explain that she didn’t think she was going to see the end of that year alive. She wrote in her text message To: Bishop Dag; “Are my step parents going to kill me this time?”

But Bishop Dag’s response was profound and yet soothing to Sharon, he sounded sort of like an old lover and a friend. He calmed her fears and sent her videos of Ghanaian Christmas Carols which made the deep situation very meticulously merry. After Dag & Sharon’s rendezvous ended. Bishop Dag dealt Sharon a mighty biblical blow in text message form stating: “And ye Sharon shall serve the Lord”.

About some nine to twelve months after Sharon N. Alenda was ordained a female Pastor and Reverend to her surprise at an Ohio Church full of rowdy Ghanaians called The Jesus Power Assembly Church (Ohio Branch). Sharon responded by telling Bishop Dag that she Sharon would be forever grateful to Bishop Dag for the care; the tenderness; the love and concern that he ( Dag) showed her ( Sharon).

You know one can only say that if you are looking for love or encouragement it is found in our people. Sharon only prays to marry a man like Dag Heward Mills and dreams of this man all the time. For the way he (Dag) covered her (Sharon) with his love and his patience. The people of the nation of Ghana must fall in love. Happy Mother’s Day in Advance.

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