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24.04.2019 Feature Article

Black heart is pumping wild in Ghana

Philip Acqua, former Director EPA Environmental Protection Agency, Accra, Ghana: ”Karl, you know the George Walker Bush Highway was financed by keeping the funds off-shore never touching Ghana´s territory, so to keep the investment save. Never bring any big money into Ghana!”

Kwame Pianim, former Chief of Staff: “Mr. Karl, like in your country we have Money Laundering Laws…but not timely limited. Banks can check on funds until their investigation has been concluded. This can take until investors have given up on their funds.” “And even if you present them the SWIFT transfer copy, they claim that it is fake and that no money was ever received. How to prove to such a bank the money reflects indeed in their computer system without having a spy in the bank?” Kwame Pianim: ”This is Ghana for you.”

Thomas Akwasi Owusu-Afriye, Nephew to Otumfo Osei Tutu II and potential successor to the Golden Stool: “Karl, at BoG, Bank of Ghana, Political Party members monitor money coming into the country and leave it. When they see big money coming in, they hold the funds; contact their friends in the receiving bank to make sure, the investor never gets his money.” (While working for Mercedes Benz AG in their Bremen Plant as Security Officer, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder via an Envoy had offered him in a meeting in Hamburg Police Headquarter at Berliner Tor in 2000 his Government would push him unto the Golden Stool with the intention to regulate the Migration of Ghanaians to Germany and the EU. Thomas is the next in line after the present Asantehene and declined the offer.)

Mawuena Trebarh, former CEO of GIPC Ghana Investment Promotion Center: “Any amount above USD 50.000 to bring in becomes a problem.”

June 2013: I signed as witness a contract with Godwin Dey, CEO of Godey Chemicals and Machinery Ltd, Accra intending to invest the amount of USD 1 Billion for various projects in Ghana. € 10 Mio. was sent in August 2013 into the receiving Bank UT-Bank. Lawyer Stephen Amegee, Uncle to Godwin and by his claims Cousin to former Pres. J.J. Rawlings was first fighting for the release of the funds having constructed the contract in the first place in close collaboration with former BoG Governor Mr.Whampay; in the end Lawyer Stephen Amegee turned against us with all the documents I had provided for him very obviously bribed by the bank.

2015: I went to UT-Bank Headquarter, Airport Branch, with all documents and got arrested by Mr. Hope Agboado, Legal Department, taken to Airport Police Station under heavy Machine Gun Police Escort. UT-Bank wanted to file a CID-report against us, while in the end, I filed a CID-report (CID Criminal Investigation Department) against UT-Bank knowing Madam Sheila and Police Commander of the Station would ignore my complaint. I got release half a day later. Otumfo Osei Tutu II via Mawuena Trebarh, former CEO of GIPC, Ghana Investment Promotion Center, Accra, informed us two years later Ibrahim Mahama, younger Brother of former President John Dramani Mahama, had taken a loan from UT-Bank, refused to pay it back and UT-Bank used our money to straighten out their unbalanced balance sheets (this bank does no longer exists).

2012: USD 25 Mio. were send into a Bank Account with GT-Bank, Cantonments Branch, Accra into an account behind which Mr. Okoro, Transport Manager at Castle Osu to former President John Dramani Mahama, was hiding. Even it was violating Ghana laws it was agreed to pay out of this funds USD 10 Mio. as election campaign funds to NDC for the presidential election December 2012, USD 10 Mio. for our cocoa bean business, while USD 5 Mio. as a commission for Mr. Okoro, his partner Mr. David and others. The year before USD 5 Mio. installment for a Joint Venture worth USD 50 Mio. with SPLENDID Business Ltd, Techiman, got stolen by Energy Bank (two Bank Managers run away with the funds), so it was promised the NDC and President would protect the new investment. March 2013 the new Cabinet of Pres. Mahama was sworn into office. We asked for our USD 10 Mio. as agreed to be released to us. Mr. Tabrisi, former Head of Interpol, Ghana, offered us bodyguard protection, we refused. My wife and I were hiding for two month in Greda Estate Executive Lodge, Accra, my African partners found their save place in Lomé/Togo. Victor Ataba, former Security Officer and DC Mahama, Brother to former President John Dramani Mahama, tried to solve the problem. The then Chief of Staff promised us to refund the money received in installments…never done! In a phone conversation over loud speaker by wife and I were hearing Mr. David saying, the money was used also for the Air Plane of Ibrahim Mahama, that he would like to meet us and is no longer afraid to speak out…the meeting never happened.

When I was sending this case, with documents attached, as email to the German Embassy in Accra mentioning the dangerous situation I as a German citizen was in, I did not receive any response.

2015: One of my partners, a Ghanaian, got arrested and put into Police Station prison cell for one week on the order of Ibrahim Mahama and former Chief of the Police Forces (a court case in the Human Rights Court of Ghana still with obvious result). Ibrahim Mahama got hold of USD 5 Mio. send through a Ghanaian Lady with Swiss Passport for our cocoa bean business. One of his younger brothers wanted a loan facility of USD 50 Mio. on a handwritten three page contract but was refused to be worked on as long as the blocked USD 5 Mio. was not in the hands of my partners as agreed.

What would you do if you were me? Give up on Ghana, continue telling facts and present evidence, shut my mouth, ignore Ghana or when asked by Investors from around the world to speak out, present to them my experiences made and speak against AID and loans given and misused? Please advice!

What is reassuring: this world is full of countries that truly honour foreign investments and give them peace of mind!

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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