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23.04.2019 Health

Health Minister Begs Mortuary Workers To Suspend Strike

Staff Writer
Health Minister Begs Mortuary Workers To Suspend Strike

“As part of their demands, they requested for a name change and the Ministry will have to meet and define what the new name means and the qualification for that new name. They also talked about conditions of service but conditions of service usually goes with job evaluation. And that is usually done by the Fair and Wages and Salary Commission.”

“And as I speak to you, we have constituted a six-member committee, with two of the members being members of the mortuary workers association. They are expected to meet today so we are on course. There is no delay. We are just saying they should not go on strike. They should help us follow the process."

The Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Health, Elorm Ametepe has assured of the Ministry's plans to upgrade the salaries and conditions of service of members of the Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana.

After the group's most recent strike in February, it was directed to begin negotiations with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission which described their initial demo as illegal.

But less than two months down the line, the workers are threatening another strike over what they say is the government's continuous failure to address their concerns.

Public Relations Officer, Elorm Ametepe said it will be prudent for the mortuary workers to continue with the negotiations.

According to him, while the Health Ministry is admitting that a job evaluation, which is a prerequisite for increasing their salaries, might take a while to complete.

Members of the Association, in March 2019, laid down their tools over low salaries and poor working conditions.

The strike was called off on the third day of the protest after a meeting with the National Labour Commission with the hope that their grievances would be met.