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23.04.2019 General News

TEWU Beats 'War Drums' Over Poor Conditions Of Service

By News Desk
TEWU Beats 'War Drums' Over Poor Conditions Of Service
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“We are going through the kind of treatment that we feel is not fair and just. Take for instance the secondary schools. By that the government has also recruited more teachers to assist so you have different teachers taking care of the different tracks however when you come to the non-teaching staff, we still have the same staff maintaining the same work that is being done.

“We have a concern and we need the concerns to be addressed. If it is resolved, work goes on, there is peace in the education sector and students will have their peace to learn but if it does not happen, we will advise ourselves and we will see the way forward.”

The Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) are angrily threatening to embark on a strike if the government fails to fix disparities in their conditions of service.

The President of the Union, Mark Dankyira Korankye revealed that all welfare policies for workers in the educational sector were formulated to the disadvantage of non-teaching staff.

TEWU has been embarking on a series of protests to demand better working conditions.