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22.04.2019 Letter

Letter From Concerned Students Of The Institute: The Case Of Gimpa SRC Upcoming Election

By Concerned students of the Institute. (GIMPA)
Letter From Concerned Students Of The Institute: The Case Of Gimpa SRC Upcoming Election
LISTEN APR 22, 2019

Stakes are getting higher and higher every single passing day of this semester, tension is mounting and the whole student body is anticipating very firmly in these coming days, intriguing but intense student politics and subsequently, elections.

This has been the tradition since the inception of students’ leadership in various educational institutions in Ghana. KNUST have had theirs done some few days ago, UG did the same, UCC has also led the same line amongst many other prominent tertiary institutions. Now the onus is on GIMPA to do the needful, however, a conundrum needs to be dealt with very imperatively in respect of electing a competent leader that we have all been longing for, “who are we going for this time around? “

After thorough scrutinization of all potential candidates who have declared their intention to contest the enviable portfolio. We the concerned students of the institute came up with a fearless incorruptible, vibrant, up and doing and a charismatic lad who can put the woes of the erstwhile

SRC administration in relation to their inability to solve students’ pressing issues to bed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this lad in the name of SAMUEL BOSSMAN, a level 300 of the School of Public Service and Governance. We prefer he takes the nod to steer the affairs of the SRC for a better GIMPA after all procedures of electioneering are done.

We implore all and sundry to join Team Bossman on his quest to lead.

BY: Concerned students of the Institute. (GIMPA)

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