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22.04.2019 Opinion

Alhassan Salifu Bawah Should Stop Ridiculing His Intelligence As A Lecturer

Dawda Eric
Alhassan Salifu Bawah Should Stop Ridiculing His Intelligence As A Lecturer

Some of us thought that the death and onwards resurrection of Jesus Christ would have drawn Prof.Anthony Afful Broni's attention to the very cardinal doctrines of Christianity he learnt at the seminary and allow the peacebuilding process to take its natural course in ensuring stability in UEW in this difficult moment but it appears that the Catholic priest who has been vindictive from day one is not prepared to allow peace to prevail in UEW.

Prof.Anthony Afful Broni is always moving from office to office in a dangerous attempt to ensure that, other lecturers who suffered from his vindictiveness aren't brought back to continue their lecturership. he has never been successful in all his moves and so he has adopted the "calumny and lies" strategy. He is using one disgraceful Salifu Bawah whose legitimacy as a qualified lecturer has always been in doubt to embark on a feeble gorilla fight.

In this article, i am going to expose them and put their shame openly for everybody to see the kind of people we have in UEW. His recent attacks on EOCO speaks to the very fact that, he is suffering from multiple personal dishonesty disorder. He has descended heavily on Economic And Organised Crime Office for indicting Prof.Anthony Afful Broni in their report.

His latest attack that has forced me to issue this write up is the attempt by him to run down the Economic and Organised Crime Office led by ACP K.K Amoah obviously because the report didn't go the way Prof.Anthony Afful Broni wanted. It is interesting to note that, when Prof.Avoke's debacle started, the anti-graft agency came in to probe the matter. Prof.Anthony Afful Broni and one lawyer by name, Dr Ankrah went to ASP K.K Amoah to get the report adulterated for the purpose of malice when the Catholic priest knew that, the scope of the investigation was extensively going to deal with the transport committee he served as a chairman when he was the PRO VC.

ASP K.K Amoah rejected Prof.Anthony Afful Broni's criminal attempt to influence him as a public officer. The EOCO report which alot of media houses have intercepted made adverse findings against the committee the Catholic priest served as a chairman which is a matter of public knowledge. As we speak, the Catholic priest who should have been removed and prosecuted by now on the basis of the said stunning report has not challenged the soundness of the report but rather, he is using one mentally exhausted lecturer by name Alhassan Salifu Bawah to attack EOCO. Because the EOCO report didn't favour them, they are now describing the institution as corrupt without any shred of evidence/proof.

Let me break one serious pandora box at this moment for the general public to know the kind of person the Catholic priest is. When the whooping sums were spent on questionable honorarium which sparked fire on campus under the auspices of Prof.Anthony Afful Broni came to the general public, I petitioned the Auditor General and drew his attention to that. The Auditor General upon receipt of the petition deployed his men to conduct an

impartial Audit into those items of expenditure. As we speak the audit is still going on smoothly and the Catholic priest has been the hottest man on earth.

When Prof.Anthony Afful Broni realised that, Auditors from Ghana Audit Service had come to campus, he took a panic move and decided to run to Lord Commey who is in charge of operations at the jubilee house for help. He went to plead with Mr Lord Commey to use some powerful people around the Auditor General, Mr Daniel Domelevo to beg him for the Auditors to "be pulled out". Mr Lord Commey as a principle man didn't listen to his plea and later drove him out of his office.

Alhassan Salifu Bawah who has decided to run down people who aren't in agreement with the Catholic priest is also on record to have attempted similar move to get auditors from Ghana Audit service out of UEW so that, they cant continue their work. Surprisingly they have all failed and very soon the report will be out which i think would set the pace for the joyful removal of Prof.Anthony Afful Broni who has been a mess concerning the current impasse in UEW.

Isn't it quite curious that Salifu Bawah in all his rants even before i petitioned the Auditor General to probe the current VC never commented on the huge sums of money spent in six weeks under the watch of the Catholic priest.?

Can Bawah deny that he never called Saed the pa to the director of operations to put the audit on ice? Hipocracy is when you try to seek the support of politicians at night but during the day sing the song of academic independence. Is Saed or Lord commey members of the audit team? Do they work with the auditor general? Do they have the constitutional power to stop the audit?

#Let me pull break here and get some sobolo for the next outstanding episode#

Dawda Eric(Equity)
UEW Alumnus
23rd April,2019
[email protected]

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