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22.04.2019 Opinion

Afful Broni Must Make Christ’s Death Count By Doing The Needful!

P.K Sarpong
Rev. Father Anthony Afful BroniRev. Father Anthony Afful Broni

Afful Broni is incorrigibly unreformable! Christ died with our sins, ushering in Easter which, for all intents and purposes, should bring us peace and harmony. The old ways of handling issues should have died with Christ, but a rather incalcitrant Rev. Father Anthony Afful Broni is bent on sticking to the past.

His lead attack dog, Alhassan Bawah who appeared to have gone into a hiatus has all of a sudden surfaced with a bang!

Afful Broni’s boy is on an insulting spree, and this time around he has gone after K. K. Amoah. Bawah is alleging that EOCO and its head are corrupt simply because they did not indict Mawutor Avoke in the allegations leveled against him.

Is it because ACP K. K. Amoah would not condescend to prosecuting Avoke when the evidence against the dethroned Vice-Chancellor was weak?

You wanted K. K. Amoah to do your bidding but upon realizing that the facts of the case were not potent enough to warrant the man being prosecuted, you are now accusing him of being corrupt!

You succeeded in getting the man out but the rules of natural justice demand that Mawutor Avoke is compensated. Several appeals have been made to you to do that but for reasons best known to yourself, you are unwilling to do that.

If Professor Mawutor Avoke will not be compensated, then he has to be reinstated to complete his tenure! All are not angels that have angelic winds and manners! It is sad that this is happening in UEW!

BY P.K Sarpong

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