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22.04.2019 Feature Article

The Governing Council Chair of UEW and the Gymnastics of the University statutes cum others

Opinion The Governing Council Chair of UEW and the Gymnastics of the University statutes cum others

Once upon a time, there lived a man by name Nicolas Emmanuel Abakah. After several searches in the wilderness for greener pastures, he finally settled in UEW as a lecturer in Languages. He rose through the ranks of lecturer to Associate Professor, but had neither a friend nor a single mentee to boast of in the University. It is even the case that in his own faculty, he had no friend since his ambition in life was to be the "only person" and suppress others who are successful owing to their age(s). Abakah achieved little himself, and was full of bitterness for those who worked harder to attain good recognition in their fields of studies. One typical person he never liked was Professor Mawutor Avoke, who was the youngest professor in the University by then. Mawutor was humble and showed concern for the well-being of academic and administrative staff alike. He mentored and signature several PhD and MPhil dissertations, most of whom are in the service of the University of Education, Winneba NOW.

An Associate Professor of languages who is the person of Nicolas Abakah (aka devilish-intent) later retired from the services of the University and had to leave out of frustration. It was at this point that his hatred was extended to the then FO (Dr Akorlie who had also distinguished himself in his work). Not long after his retirement, he felt the heat of the life he lived on campus as a lecturer and had to run away to become a president of a private University. Let us recall that when he was a PRO VC, he had always said it will be over his dead body for Dr Akorlie to become FO of UEW. Based on this, I can summarise for now, that he had two key people whom he had as enemies: Professor Mawutor Avoke and Dr Akorlie. When the man with the tainted cassock stole official documents out and succeeded in getting the university to court, leading to the unjustifiable stepping aside of Professor Mawutor and Dr Akorlie, this Abaka who left no legacy at UEW became a council chairman.

The embittered retired Abaka was tasked to solve the crisis of the University that had at its centre, a Catholic priest who has thrown his call to the gutters and seeking worldly pleasures. For the council chairman, it was an opportunity to revenge. Abaka who once wrote to condemn Professor Asabre and the FO for delay in paying his benefits can only be remembered for presiding over "summary dismissals" of staff who had spent all their lives on UEW. Does Prof Abakah know he will once be lowered into a six feet hole and covered up? Does Afful-Broni believe in the bible he preaches to people? Does he know what Lent means to Catholics? If graves will speak, the two will have their graves confess the fire that shall burn them when they are lowered. After 27 years of dedicated and meaningful contribution to all aspects of UEW, you think Professor Mawutor does not deserve to be the VC? Do you remember how You, Abaaka became a PRO VC of UEW? In all these sad developments, the silence of the ministry of Education is rather shocking. Prof Yankah, you are a true academic. Do we think you have little to say because of NAPO your "boss" whose account is benefiting from the rot of the system? Afful-Broni and the council chairman as I pick up, paid Napo GH 400K, the reason for which Napo is mute over the injustice? When the MP went on air and expressed his views, Napo was seen in pictures seeking "forced reconciliation?" Even as a minister, this is your level of insensitivity to the plight of people because you are benefiting financially? Napo, sit a bit and reflect on your political ambitions of becoming a President one day and know that the tears of the injustice on UEW will follow YOU. Sit up and do the right THING. Prof Yankah came on air and mentioned that the appointment of Afful-Broni was illegal and so was the several dismissals. Napo intimidated him and since then Yankah gone silent on UEW VC ISSUE? Abakah and Afful-Broni quote statutes to dismiss people and can't quote the same statues to appoint a CEO for the same institution? If academics can stoop this low, it tells what mother Ghana is going through. Alex Afenyo Markins, thanks for admitting that you were misled by a devilish, divisive, fame-seeking and money-chasing man who will bribe his way for anything he seeks. I respect you however, for the fact that you have gained your conscience and seen your mistakes. May God forgive you for the harm you have caused innocent people. The statutes dismissed Bekoe (a seasoned lecturer), it dismissed Atintono (a distinguished scholar), it dismissed several other reputable personalities. However, it can't appoint a VC neither can it investigate a fake man calling himself a Registrar. Afful-Broni, you have made no name, ending at Pro VC would have been better, but as a man without conscience, a man who eats and drinks pride, dreams wealth and worldly possessions, I await your end. May your congregation beware of warnings of the end time when many shall parade themselves in the name of Jesus. May you for once have a conscience to know that you were not qualified to be VC but put there and supported by the minister of Education, after you sorted him out financially. As we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in whose name you wear a cassock, may you have your conscience back. AMEN. Let me remind Afful-Broni of the word of God in 1 John 2:15-16 which says “do not love the World or the things in the World. If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him. For that is in the world- the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions is not from the father, but it is from the world” For money Judas betrayed Jesus and for MONEY, Afful-Broni betrayed Mawutor.

Edmund Kwesi Yeboah
Alumnus who knows much about his alma matter

Kwesi Yeboah
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