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21.04.2019 Feature Article

Black Racism is not fashionable

Racism is all around us, rampaged in unsecured hearts that do not think and act beyond their own self. Media reports make it fashionable to portrait the Whites as Racists against Blacks; even write books about this very unfortunate human behavior.

Racism of Blacks against Whites gets ignored or downgraded, hidden away in the closet of history. Only when we humans open our eyes of regardless where we stand purely based on universal values, we call can overcome all form of forms of racism once and for all.

Once again Ghana with is sad story of slavery, is once more at the forefront of racism promoted by its President Nana Akuffo-Addo himself. Kintampo waterfalls canopy was opened by the President personally on 15.04.2019, a famous tourist attraction. The entrance fees scheme looks like this:

  • Ghanaian Adults = 15 ghs
  • Ghanaian Students= 10 ghs
  • Ghanaian child= 5 ghs
  • Non-Ghanaian Adult= 30 ghs
  • Non-Ghanaian Student = 20 ghs
  • Non-Ghanaian Child= 20 ghs

(Source FB page Abdul Karim Political Speaker, post dating 16.04.2019, phone 0249612507)

In Europe, Asia, USA, Kenya, and Rwanda I have never come across that entrance fees for tourists attractions are connected to citizenship. As much as this is also effecting harshly and discriminately Black Africans from inside the continent, it is very much targeted against us Whites. In the civilized world, such fees are entirely based on income levels: Adults, Students, Handicapped, socially disadvantaged people and alike only.

As a living witness, I have been confronted, like other Whites in Africa, with daily Black racism against Whites. In 2004 my ex-wife had negotiated the Taxi fare to German Embassy in Nairobi while me hiding behind a bush. When I entered the car, the driver got angry shouting on her she had betrayed him by not mentioning a White Man is with her. He had forced us to pay double the normal fare. 2013 when my wife and I in Greda Estate/Accra/Ghana, wanted to rent a three bedroom house, the landlady told her blank, she would rent out the place for double when a White Man would want it…we never took the house! It is time we White stand up for our human rights and speak against Black racism knowing that a substantial numbers of Blacks stand by our side. We all need to promote the Good against the Evil.

My wife is refusing me to shop in the open market in Accra and Kumasi as, even me knowing the prices for food stuffs very well, would end up coming home having paid double. Taking a Taxi in Ghana will see me having to pay double compared to my wife. Even when having to bribe officials, I have to dig deep down in my pockets. Why should I hide behind bushes or kiosks, am I not a normal human being? Ghana is not a country a White Man can feel free…at least I was never privileged to see Ghana that way.

In Ghana I need to pay Visa fee to enter, then fees for a residence permit, Ghana Non-Residence Card while my wife entered Germany with no Visa fees paid and her residence permit was given to her for free.

To argue African countries are desperate in need for money forced into extracting money from Foreigners at any cost is saying nothing but Ghanaians only care about themselves, not about the rules of a country beyond AID… insisting on the mind of poverty.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2019

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