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22.04.2019 Feature Article

When the centre cannot hold AGAIN: the case of a misleading procurement lawyer of UEW

When the centre cannot hold AGAIN: the case of a misleading procurement  lawyer of UEW

I have often wondered if there is need wasting to mentally unstable characters like Salifu Alhassan Bawah who has always displayed ignorance in any endeavour he is engaged in. However, thinking that there might equally be as many victims of his ignorance as himself in the Ghanaian society, I think it is worth using one's energy to respond to this stupidity in circulation in social media. Immediately after Prof Avoke had gone on air to expose the level of wickedness and unlawfulness of the devil in a cassock and his bedmate, Associate professor Abakah (the council chairman), Salifu Alhassan Bawah who claims to be a spokesperson of the UEW governing council, wrote a piece supposingly stating the reasons why Prof Avoke Mawutor was unjustifiable and unlawfully dismissed by UEW governing council. On reading the piece, I first wondered if this came from the Procurement Expert of Professor Afful-Broni. Bawah, I really pity you that you have lost your conscience because of worldly pleasures and yet hammer in every piece that you are a Muslim. You may be in the same category as your friend called priest, supposed to be preaching Jesus Christ and yet has nothing worthy of emulation as a Christian. Some points you listed in your purported write-up include the fact that during Professor Mawutor's days as a VC (I believe he is still a VC because no advertisement declared his position vacant and UEW is beyond the status of a nursery that VC be appointed with neither advert nor search committee) included the fact that: promotions delayed in his days, he did not help Effutu people, ONLY well connected could meet him, delays in payment of claims, bad lightning system, no recruitment of lecturers for business department, ineffective Wi-Fi among other issues. At first, I doubted if this came from you who once trumpeted corruption allegations against this same innocent gentle gentleman. I took for granted the manifestation of your ignorance of UNIVERSITY system since your MA brought you to UEW as a lecturer and your bootlicking under a man who lacks conscience has made you a director of basic schools when you are neither a PhD holder nor a Senior lecturer.

Mr procurement expert, now that the report of EOCO and that of the very fact finding committee of the governing council have exonerated PROF Mawutor and others, the tangent you go is in the 10 outlined points? Does VC decide how long promotions keep in the system? Ask Associate Professor Pufaa how long it took him to have his retirement package as an Associate Professor. Was Professor Assabre removed? Ask Associate Professor Kankam how long it took him to have his Associate Professorship (to the surprise of many) because we know all he has in his head is quest for power. If we talk of delays in promotion, then the appropriate person to have been removed would be the Deputy Registrar (Human Resource) whose unit deals directly with Assessors. Sorry that you display this level of ignorance about a system that you are benefiting from. Come to think of the claim that promotions are faster these days, can you mention a single GENUINE promotion that Afful-Broni has presided over since he sat on that seat illegally? Is it that of Brako (who had both assessor reports being negative, or that of Nabie (who was promoted because of his support of illegalities?) Is it that of Andy Ofori (who has no single meaningful publication, I dare him to make his CV public if he thinks otherwise), Associate Professor Dominic Mensah (Who had plagiarized articles and was pardon and Afful-Broni came to promote him) or those in the waiting like Charles Assuah of Mathematics Education and Dandy of Psychology and Education? A VC who thinks promotions should be based on support of his illegalities rather than academic credibility is a failed academic and that is what Prof Afful-Broni represents now. You may know little about the system, but loss of academic integrity has made you a spokesperson for council, the reason for which you are misbehaving. If you had a conscience that is "alive" you would have been hiding yourself. Remember Associate Professor Pufaa is now invisible after his open support for a man in a cassock who thinks he was born to be a VC and nobody else. Why has Salifu Alhassan Bawah been so silent about the corruption allegations students made against Afful-Broni and the forged certificates of the Registrar who is unable to even effectively read scripts that are written for him? People had the conscience to go to court because they said someone was appointed by defunct council, but lack same conscience to question the appointment of a VC without any due respect for the very rules of same institution? Nketiah, Joshua, BB Bingab, the God you worship might be same as that of your paymasters. The quality of a leader manifests in the people he surrounds himself with and that is what Afful-Broni represents today. As for issues of lighting system, get back to 2013/2014 academic year when UEW had the most challenging security situation. The then VC Professor Asabre had to make some changes after Afful-Broni's committee report resulted in the removal of Dr Bluwey as director of security. Surely, Dr Bluwey later wanted sent back to the director position of security, which Prof Avoke did not do, and that explains his hatred for the seasoned academic now (seasoned in such that he has produced PhDs and MPhils) who are helping UEW and Mother Ghana today unlike your vindictive council chairman and Afful-Broni. Which street lights are provided by the Catholic priest chasing the world? Professor Asabere has to facilitate the installation of solar street lights. What did Afful-Broni do in terms of street lights? Bawah is just having the figment of imaginations of the achievements of the black cassock man Afful-Broni. I laugh enter business school where there is supersonic Wi-Fi. As of now, students cannot even register on the new platform for SIP. Bawah talks of recruitment of lecturers as if Professor Avoke has the power to give financial clearance. When government gave financial clearance of 121 slots, Afful-Broni and co recruited nonentities with masters ans left out PhD holders because of the sound of their names or their place of origin. As of now, GHALANG welfare has not been given a single check to run the association because Afful-Broni and co have kept members deductions for the past five months. Who started about 6 projects at a time? Was it not Professor Avoke? Afful-Broni is an ingrate person who helped to oust his boss from office illegally. Afful-Broni has caused more harm than good to UEW. I don't know why Boni (intentional) as a priest will have affinity for money as for that matter worldly things. Afful-Boni has forgotten that if employees are intimated, work outputs decreases. Finally, nepotism is clearly manifesting now in UEW explaining why there are certain appointments like Bawah's and many others. Nothing lasts forever, nothing is permanent. But sit back and think well and you will understand the harm caused to UEW. No credible academic will tolerate this academic dishonestly being manifested in UEW. Until you bring out another display of ignorance, Mr Procurement Expert, I remain yours.

Edmund Kwesi Yeboah
Alumnus who knows much about his alma matter

Kwesi Yeboah
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