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03.01.2006 Tabloid News

Man of God predicts 'Golden Age of Business'

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... in Ghana this year Accra, Jan. 3, GNA - Apostle Schambach Amaniampong, Head of the Christian Redemption Centre in Accra, has predicted a Golden Age of Business in Ghana this year.
"There is positive news for entrepreneurs in 2006 because business will boom while new businesses will spring up and perform excellently."
The Spiritual Head who was disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency in Accra also predicted peace and security in the country but warned of eminent economic hardships between July and August 2006.
He cautioned the Government to take prudent economic measures that would prevent a possible backlash during the period.
Apostle Aamanianpong, who was on record to have predicted the fatal air crash in Nigeria on an Accra-based FM station asked Christians to pray against election related violence in neighbouring La Cote d'Ivoire and Nigeria.
"From the realm of the spirit I foresee a violent and bloody conflict in the two ECOWAS countries, hence the need for Christians to intensify their prayers against the evil machinations of the devil," he said.
Apostle Amaniampong said the kingdom of the devil thrived on bloodshed, but through prayers the Holy Ghost would carry the day. Apostle Amaniampong said there would be defections from the ruling New Patriotic Party and the main opposition National Democratic Congress.
"A new political party will also emerge to contest Election 2008," he said.
Apostle Amaniampong asked traditional rulers to intensify their periodic medical check ups to prevent the sudden death of a prominent chief.

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