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19.04.2019 General News

FOGET Backs New Curriculum To Reduce Subjects

Staff Writer
News Prosper Afetsi

President of FOGET, Mr Prosper Afetsi says the introduction of the new curriculum for primary schools with help offload the number of subjects and books they carry to school.

He said the decision was good since children were bothered with too many subjects that saw them carrying heavy bags to school as a result of the number of subjects they study.

According to him, the new curriculum was a laudable idea in view of the new developments going on in the world.

In a statement, Mr Prosper Afetsi said the organisation was in total support of the new curriculum but would want adequate time to be given for its implementation so that it would become successful.

"We have to move with the present time because our students would have to be equipped with the current cutting-edge knowledge. The GES must, therefore, be commended for coming out with the new curriculum," the statement said.

It said it was also to give time to the publishers to get the relevant textbooks ready for the smooth role out of the programme.

The GES last week announced the introduction of a new curriculum for primary schools in the country. The curriculum forms part of sweeping reforms in basic education, beginning from the 2019-2020 academic year.

Under the new curriculum, the subjects to be taught at the kindergarten level have been reduced from seven to four, which are integrated into themes.