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18.04.2019 Opinion

The Strange Connection Between Christmas and Easter

By Simon S. Bokor
The Strange Connection Between Christmas and Easter
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Truth is many sided at levels of individual growth and development. There is however, the Absolute Truth that each and all will finally concede at the opportune time. So, when it comes to matters of spiritual development, often, many people and religious sects disagree about issues. It is however, a fact that we all live on the planet earth, the sun shines and that we need food, water and oxygen for our survival.

Many people go through life without a single thought about the connection between human beings, the planet earth and the sun relative to our solar system and the unbounded universe. Similarly, they fail to acknowledge that beyond the physical body that the physical eyes see, there are other potent (spiritual) bodies and that both physical and spiritual bodies are used by the spirit as vehicles (temples) depending on the world in which the spirit operates. So, when we sleep or die we use a different body as against the physical body on waking up. And that whatever is done in the physical body affects the spiritual body to the point that the Earth Planet is equally affected.

The misdeeds of men and women eventually gather like a dark cloud in the spiritual atmosphere and the physical consequence is natural disaster. One of the ultimate corrective measures of nature is to group and cast out into space, portion of the planet that evil-doers reside. At one point in time, over two thousand years ago, when the misdeeds of men and women merited such a fate to befall the earth, a call for the Saving Grace rang in the spiritual world to which the Christ offered to intervene. This Saving Grace is to the earth as a planet and not any single individual, no matter who we call ourselves. It must be noted that the home of the Christ is not our planet earth but the Sun. How then can the Christ Spirit live among earthlings since He does not belong to the human race? It means that a pure and befitting person who belongs to the human life-wave should be found who would willingly offer his body for the Christ to use with the mission to save the Earth Planet and clear away the dark matter surrounding the spiritual atmosphere. So Beloved Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice to be the means by which the Christ would save the planet and in effect, its inhabitants. It is important to note that the taking over of the earth planet by Christ is the first time that the planet has an indwelling Spirit. But because the earth is not the home of the Christ, He cannot remain permanently at this time.

As the historical accounts indicate, Jesus Christ was crucified on Golgotha and resurrected on the third day. By the spear that pierced His side, the Christ through the Blood of Jesus had access to the earth planet. The Beloved Jesus accomplished His ultimate assignment to be the vehicle for the mission of Christ but for the Christ, it is but the beginning to eventually, save the earth and its inhabitants. To continually inspire and imbue us with higher and nobler thoughts and deeds of service and love to one another. It is a journey to annually focus His attention on Earth and go back to his home on the Sun. It is good for us to celebrate the life and sacrifice of Beloved Jesus. But the enlightened ones know that for us to bring to an end this long-suffering of Beloved Jesus, and the annual sacrifice of the Christ, we must not just celebrate but dedicate ourselves to a life of SERVICE, LOVE and PURITY. That only the good deeds of men and women on earth will lead to the fulfilment of the Saving Grace. And that GOD will not forever wait for earthlings to do good and build the spiritual body. Just as in the time of Noah and at HIS appointed time the transformation must come where the earth will be consumed by FIRE and only those who develop the spiritual body (who are born again) through LOVE can live.

By the end of September, the Cosmic Christ begins the annual journey from the home of the FATHER. The Roman Catholics for example, have a loving rite in commemoration of this important advent. Those who have the spiritual eyes indeed, see the Christ Spirit as the STAR of Bethlehem just as the historical accounts describe it. That Star is Alive today as the day it was disclosed in the Christian Gospels and others. But it cannot be seen by the immature person whose spiritual eyes are not yet open. Between December 24th and 25th the Cosmic Christ has had full access into the center of the earth. Can you see the conditions on earth immediately before and during December? Nature seems to be grinding to a halt; snow runs down the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere suffocates out of dryness. Humans, animals and plants face imminent threat of inactivity and death.

But within that period the Christ Spirit, having had access, is working within to rejuvenate the Earth and the early signal is demonstrated by the joy and good feelings that the world experience especially in December. The sensitive human being feels something different. Christmas is the entry of the Cosmic Christ into the Earth and His departure is signified by Easter. That is to say, after His work is done in the earth, the Cosmic Christ begins to leave and by Easter has left. The CROSSOVER has been accomplished where astronomically, the Sun has crossed the equator from one hemisphere to the other. Whilst in the earth, Christ has given his flesh, and blood by cleansing the waters, earthy materials and recharged the air we breathe so that we will BE BETTER PEOPLE. His injunction is that we should live LOVE and SERVE our fellow human beings and creation. The essence is to enable us build the spiritual body (to be born again) so that we can fly and meet him in the air (transformed airy earth) when he permanently comes again to reside with us in the fulfilment of our spiritual destiny to be like GOD.

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