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17.04.2019 Headlines

Mövenpick Hotel Staff Protests Against Management Over ‘Racist' Treatment

By Staff Writer
Mövenpick Hotel Staff Protests Against Management Over ‘Racist' Treatment

Some workers of the award winning Mövenpick Ambassador hotel in Accra are demanding fairer treatment from the management of the company.

The workers on Wednesday refused to go about their daily duties and protested at the reception of the hotel accusing the hotel management of being racist.

The workers also accused the management of the hotel of protecting expatriate workers at the expense of Ghanaians working for the hotel.

One aggrieved staff who spoke to Citi News accused the hotel authorities of shielding an expatriate employee who was caught to have stolen some gold bars, whereas some other local employees have been dismissed in the past for stealing food items.

In an interview with Citi News, a spokesperson of the aggrieved workers, David Owusu, bemoaned the unfair conditions of service.

According to him, local employees of the company have in the past been dismissed for taking items such as milo without permission.

“If I should brief, the whole thing is about equal right…. we are just fighting for our equal rights. We are in the house and most at times when staff takes something from here whether milo or one Lipton, you will be sacked, sometimes you will be taken to the police station and this is the situation that a manager who is a white has stolen gold bar from the hotel and now they are trying to cover it and that is what we are fighting for, that the lady should be sacked.” he said.

The staff, numbering about 100, were seen drumming and singing of war songs insisting they will not return to their post until the expatriate worker who stole a gold bar from the company is dismissed.

Some stranded guests at the hotel were seen to be distraught as others were reported to have left the hotel.