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17.04.2019 Opinion

To Guarantee The Well-Being Of Ordinary Ghanaians, Parliament Must Ensure That Our Leaders Only Sign Win-Win Agreements

Kofi Thompson

Ghana has many public-spirited individuals, who care deeply about their nation, and seek the well-being of ordinary people, at all material times. Society owes a debt of gratitude to such selfless individuals - many of whom sometimes use their own resources in fighting for the common good.

The time has now come for such patriotic individuals to step up to the plate, and form a coalition to take on the NPP/NDC duopoly, which has dominated our nation, and ruled Ghana since the 4th Republic came into being. The NPP/NDC politics-of-equalisation has reached ridiculous levels.

The tragedy for Mother Ghana, is that under each regime that has ruled Ghana since 1992, powerful vested interests have wormed their way into the heart of the administration, to enable them 'Chop Ghana small!", to qoute a phrase of infamy.

We have reached a stage in our history, when we all agree, as a people, that Ghana needs money to make it possible for kids from financially-challenged backgrounds, who have the aptitude to learn, to school from kindergarten to tertiary level, free of charge. Ditto provide quality healthcare to all who need it, as well as access to affordable accommodation that is well-designed and well-built, nationwide, for all who cannot afford to build their own homes.

The question is: if that is the case, then why should ordinary people continue to tolerate the signing and approval of bad agreements by our ruling elites, such as many of the contracts signed in the oil sector - when even Chad has the nous and gumption to only sign oil agreements that enable them to keep ownership of their oil and gas deposits, whiles oil companies use their own resources to produce the selfsame oil that Chad pays them back with?

In light of the terrible consequences we are now lumbered with (paying for ENI's gas whether or not it is needed by Ghana), as regards our country's deal with ENI, henceforth, should we not demand that our leaders only sign oil and gas agreements, which leverage the model governing Iraq's Rumaila oil fields? To guarantee the well-being of ordinary Ghanaians, Parliament must ensure that our leaders only sign agreements, which are win-win ones. Always. Haaba.

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