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17.04.2019 Opinion

Enough Of The Celebration Of Mediocrity, Kwabre East Needs Real Change

Sawadogo Mahmoud

I have been left scandalized as the NPP MP for Kwabre East, Hon. Francisca Oteng Mensah chose to celebrate the height of mediocrity when she commissioned 2 mechanized bore holes in the constituency over the weekend. It is commendable to contribute to your constituency but it is mediocre to celebrate the construction of a facility in a community that already has 2 of such facility. Yes, Ahodwo has 2 community owned mechanized boreholes!

Water shortage may be the pressing issues in some communities and/or constituencies but if our MP was minded to know, she would realize that under the erstwhile NDC administration, every single community in Kwabre East was provided with portable water through the construction of boreholes or mechanized boreholes. It is therefore a fact that some communities have in excess of 10 boreholes(mechanized or otherwise). The pressing needs of Kwabre East is therefore not mechanized boreholes. At worst, some of these only needed a facelift or repairs.

From the foregoing, it is looking increasingly unlikely that Kwabre East would be spared, anytime soon, the worst form of mediocre leadership by our super incompetent MP, Hon. Francisca Oteng as she continues to, on a daily basis expose the fact that she is clueless about the plight of her constituents. As a debutant MP, her inability to contribute meaningfully to the parliamentary process is well documented. But this gross incompetence and mediocrity can only be bested by the ineptness of the current MCE of Kwabre East Municipal Assembly.

Kwabre East is noted for the worst roads in the entire Ashanti region and Hon. Francisca knew this when she attempted to hoodwink constituents with a grader that was only released to known NPP assembly members. I am therefore at a loss as to why our MP would rather not provide us with a semblance of a proper road network and also help us with our sanitation challenges. This is not the Change your own NPP polling station executives sold their conscience for. Madam MP, we need to start seeing the real CHANGE!

Kwabre East is on the brink of suffocation from crass incompetence and so when our MP decides to celebrate an achievement, it should not be by competing with unit committees and assembly members for boreholes but rather projects that would address the very pressing issues of the constituents.

The hopeless leadership, unemployment, poor roads coupled with the worsening sanitation situation is our bane in Kwabre East Constituency. It is my hope that something is done about this sooner than later because it is getting increasingly unbearable. We also have the duty to make a bold statement at the polls when the opportunity is presented to us in 2020. We must shift the paradigm and tell the NPP and its MPs that we are sick and tired of the MONUMENTAL INCOMPETENCE and GLORIFICATION OF MEDIOCRITY. Let us together, rightly vote for an NDC MP to bring the needed competent leadership to Kwabre East constituency.

Sawadogo Mahmoud
(Deputy Secretary, NDC Kwabre East Constituency)

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