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15.04.2019 Press Release

NHIS Collapsing Under Akufo-Addo--NDC

NHIS Collapsing Under Akufo-Addo--NDC
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In its third edition of the moment of truth series, the National Democratic Congress has alleged the National Health Insurance Scheme is on the verge of collapse under the watch of President Akufo-Addo.

Speaking to the press, the National Communication Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi, intimated that the NHIS is in debt and owe service providers in all the sixteen regions of the country claims covering a period of almost twelve months.

"The situation has gotten so bad that currently, Service Providers are being chased away from their hospitals by unpaid suppliers and poor NHIS cardholders are being turned away from hospitals including government facilities," he noted.

He said there has been a decline in active membership of the scheme over the last two years due to loss of confidence by the populace. With thirty-nine percent of the national population registering in 2016, decreasing to thirty-seven percent in 2017 and then further down to thirty-five percent in 2018

Ironically, Sammi Gyamfi noted that despite the clear decrease of active membership in the scheme, compensation to the staff of the National Health Insurance Authority keeps soaring astronomically.

With compensation of GHC115 million paid in 2016, GHC132 million in 2017, GHC168 million in 2018 and GHC211.78 million in 2019.

He also intimated that, despite the government's collection of revenue in the name of the NHIS, actual government release to the NHIS has reduced considerably.

With an amount of GHC742.11 million released to the NHIS in 2016, decreased to GHC600.40 million in 2017 and then further decreased to GHC506.80 million in 2018.