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Repression Takes Many Forms: Destroying Innocent And Law Abiding Ghanaian Citizens With Impunity All In The Name Of “investigation”

Repression Takes Many Forms: Destroying Innocent And Law Abiding Ghanaian Citizens With Impunity All In The Name Of “investigation”
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A major problem affecting Ghana as a young democracy is the situation whereby there is perpetuation of gross human rights violations meted out to innocent and law abiding citizens all under the umbrella of “investigation”.

The term investigation has become the perfect “beautiful mask” providing the perfect “legal basis” and the perfect “pretext” in Ghana for anybody or organized group with sufficient background power muscles who have a score to settle with someone or persons and to show them where power lies fabricate any story and hang it on the person’s neck, pay some so-called private investigators cum undercover Journalists and work through the state force to give their operations state backing as well as confuse the citizenry of their conspiracy against their target.

If they want to confuse the ordinary citizens further, then they may bring in couple of private security firms such that when educated minds start asking difficult questions they will secretly shift it to the private investigators and the private security firms to answer excusing themselves of knowing nothing about it and when similar questions are also raise at these people end concerning certain actions which they do not have the constitutional backing to do they will also secretly shift it to the state force to answer giving similar reasons thereby successfully evading any scrutiny of their evil acts and preventing it from being discovered. All this is just to throw dust into the eyes of the people to provide them with a perfect cover to do their evil act against an innocent and law abiding person without anyone suspecting any wrong doing. It has become the best method to destroy people with impunity.

For discerning people who are able to read in between the lines and know something is not right, they will tell them if they help you in any form, they will be charged with “interfering with investigation”. What wickedness! So courtesy of the process called “investigation”, anybody can visit virtually any evil on another person with impunity.

After all if people start asking questions about such abuses and they say they are conducting investigation, everybody will assume they are performing their legal duties and will never fault them. Worse of all, when the victim starts complaining of such abuses, he or she will be given all the evil labels that exist on earth.

Another thing about this deception in the system is that with this term anybody, organization or country anywhere in the world will support them in all forms including resources to enable the investigation succeed because none will suspect any wrong doing. Everybody believes any investigation is a legitimate act. Unknown to people that it is now a deceptive ploy being use by charlatans to destroy their so-called enemies. So if the person survives their onslaught and live to tell his or her story, they will simply say we are sorry. And that is it. It ends there.

The people that conspired are never punish. No damages are paid to the victim. No redress is taken to salvage the person’s lost reputation. No support is rolled out to help the person restore and rebuild his life over the period that the fraudulent investigation was conducted by those self-serving charlatans.

Well, I am a victim of this kind of deceptive tactic which enabled them to politically attack, sabotage and conspire against me. My story has being the basis of my two published articles on which are namely:

1. Why Do Ghanaians Hate Themselves So Much Culminating In The “Pull Him Down” Phenomenon? My Experience-Defined Thoughts.

Oct 22,2018

2. “Militant” Journalism Assorted With “Library Photographs”.

March 11,2019

As well as this particular one.

It also informs all my facebook posts because they have block all my avenues to seek redress let alone allow me gain access to support to restore and rebuild my life. It all began under the instigation of this school mate of mine when I went for further studies in Holland between 2010 to 2011. We both went on government of Ghana facilitated International Scholarship. I won the scholarship purely based on merit whiles he on the other hand used his boss, the former minister of Education to get through. This mastermind claims to be a member of a so-called powerful private investigative firm in Ghana.

He was also a member of the ruling party back then as he served as the Personal Assistant to one of their powerful former ministers. I never did any wrong to this guy but out of sheer hatred he scheme behind my back by framing me up with lies (I have no idea what he originally fabricated against me but I am aware of another fabricated story they used on me for which GOD exposed them recently) just to get a basis/rationale to enable them perpetuate evil on me under the guise of “investigation”.

Hatching this plot beautifully with his two powerful affiliated organizations with ample support of the state force at our Embassy at the Hague, Holland, they implemented a strategy that annihilated my life completely pulling me from a glorious life to a miserable one and putting my life in great danger as a result. They continued anytime I was in Ghana and followed me to any country I go operating through our various embassies.

They involved other groups in the process notably my mother’s family people and my ex-girlfriend family people who are also in conflict with me of some sort. Their operation has lasted 7 years now and counting. In the name of “Investigation” and by collective action these groups operating via the methods of covert (gang stalking etc) and overt tactics, successfully subjected and are still subjecting me to some aspects of the following terror and trauma:

1. They arranged a near fatal car accident for me on the Tema Motorway when I was returning from doing my monitoring and evaluation work for my former organization. The long shaft of the vehicle just pulled out in the middle of the journey but we escaped unhurt as by divine design no car was passing at that time. The driver speaks of it as been an unusual occurrence and that it was tempered with. This is something my former boss at my former organization and my mother’s sister at Liberia Camp, Kasoa knows well about as I called them immediately it happened.

2. Police officers directly threatened to shoot me dead in a “Kuffour” bus from Takoradi to Kumasi.

3. They describe as a national security threat for reasons only known to them.

4. Numerous police officers sometimes with their siren vehicles and sometimes too holding ammunitions mob me on the road in glare view of the public.

5. I was also mob by the whole communities in vicinities I was living in or was passing through on my way to another place.

6. Always followed me with a convoy of state security vehicles.

7. Closely pack vehicles on the way leading to where I was lodging jam pack with heavily-built men.

8. They spit on me as they follow me with their convoy of cars.

9. Heavily built-men accosted me on the road couple of times and giving me a shoulder and obstructing my movement.

10. They partnered with food vendors to poison the food and drinks I purchase in public. Sometimes making food vendors to literally drive me away calling me all sorts of names.

11. Tried time without number to hit and run on me with speeding cars when I am crossing busy roads.

12. They stopped me from sitting at public places as they will approach me with a convoy of their black and tainted cars. Or sometimes they will send heavily built men to come and drive me away.

13. They surrounded me with plenty of cars at night blocking my movement and splashing the light on me with the general public just starring at the scene and not knowing what is happening. But when the people realize they are police officers they assume I am a bad person. After sometime the police vehicles will disengage and I will go my way.

14. They block all my electronic communication channels and phone calls.

15. They informed the general public that I am a threat to Ghana.

16. They use a popular national radio station and presenters to denigrate me.

17. Issue threats that “we will kill you if GOD does not kill you”, “You will surely die” etc.

18. Use of red, blue and green radiation on me in the night when I am sleeping.

19. Use artificial intelligence gadgets on me called voice to skull that played artificial mosquito sounds in my ears in the night when I am sleeping thereby preventing me from sleeping. They also used it to communicate the voices of anybody that I have a relation with in one form or the other.

20. Prevented me from using public transport as they made them drive me away saying the police says they should not pick me. When some of them do, the vehicle will be hijack by them. They alone will jam pack it and will subject me to verbal attacks and provocation till I finally reach my destination. This made me to trek to my destinations most at times thereby further degrading me.

21. They denied me another Ghanaian passport when I applied for one telling me at the Passport Office in Accra that there is a “red flag” on my application.

22. They influence the Cameroun government to imprison me for four months when they themselves allowed me entry at their border to seek for political asylum. They even offered me free transportation from the border to their local government officer only for him to call the police on me. I later saw this so-called powerful Ghanaian private investigator cum Journalists at the court room hearing my case of entering Cameroon without a visa. A clear case of set-up.

23. In the middle of their operations somewhere in 2015, I wrote two petitions to the Police CID at their Headquarters in Osu asking for protection but they told me my case is above them. Moreso, they even intensified their abuse on me when they read in my letter about the role being played by this powerful private investigator cum Journalist who together with his boss owns Ghana. Angered with this coupled with my claims of seeing him around me couple times and my plans to expose him, they labeled me a traitor, enemy of Ghana, Satan and all manner of names. And that what he and his boss have done for Ghana can I cannot even do even half let alone accused them of involvement in what I am going through.

24. They made my former organization to refuse payment of my end of service gratuity as well as grant me recommendation to enable me move on with my career after resigning in May 2012 to travel back to Netherlands to apply for political asylum because of their operations on me.

25. They stopped the Switzerland Embassy from giving me a hearing when I tried to report them as they cited that will be foreign interference in a sovereign country’s investigation.

26. They use all means to block my restoration and rebuilding something which they themselves are responsible for.

27. They succeeded in killing my maternal half sister and a close friend just to get to me.

28. They use their diplomatic ties to block my political asylum requests in Netherlands, Holland, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cameroun using “State Investigation” as a cover.

29. They caused me to lose all my life possessions, investments and savings.

30. They block my one-year job search in Holland after graduating with first class in December 2011 whiles persuading the school to rather grant it to the instigator of my attack. They say is their member who deserves to stay and work in Holland and not me. So they got what they wanted.

31. They have blocked me from pursing my PhD studies since 2012 when I started making my applications under the recommendation of my school in Holland.

32. They have already organized two mob attacks on me here in Nigeria.

33. They stopped me from getting a job here in Nigeria or getting any assistance from Nigerians by lying to the Nigerian public that I am not a Ghanaian but have stolen somebody’s identity and documents from Ghana to come and look for job in Nigeria and that I am an Armed Robber for that matter and they as Ghanaian State Security and in partnership with their Nigerian colleagues are investigating me. This stops anybody from offering me any job I apply for or offer me help including even Churches.

34. They especially my mother’s family people says they have stopped me from using my educational qualifications and that they will make sure I never use it but rather I should go and do medial/disgraceful job. According to them anytime I get money I do not repay their part of the investment they made in my education but rather used it to enjoy myself and focus on my father’s family people without any regard for them.

35. They ensured I did not get assistance to travel to Nigeria in my pursuit to seek a place to secure and restore my life. I nearly trekked from the Ghana border to Nigeria till GOD intervene through a man of GOD HE directed me to on my way. As I trekked they as usual followed me slowly in their convoy of cars telling me they will see how I will get to Nigeria.

36. They follow and camp anywhere I go in the world working through our various embassies.

37. They search for people I have had issues with in the past and recruit them to join forces with them against me.

38. They are working behind the scenes by manipulating and deceiving the current administration in Ghana not to offer me support to restore and rebuild my life and to rather support them as they continue their onslaught on me.

39. They never invited me or told me what their so-called investigation was all about but rather were telling my family members, class and school mates, my school authorities, my family members as well as anybody I have any relation with all aimed at discrediting me as well as tarnishing my hard earned reputation.

So this is the level at which the term “investigation” is being abuse in Ghana thereby destroying many innocent lives. Many do not even live to tell their story and seek redress from appropriate quarters. All the evil guys in the Ghanaian society are abusing this thing call “Investigation” including those that have legal backing to use it in their professional duties such as private investigators, undercover Journalists, private security firms and the state force. It has become a tool to use to denigrate, degrade and harm innocent people out of parochial inclinations.

Let us review this quote from the former President of United States, Barack Obama “As I said in Cairo, each nation gives life to democracy in its own way, and in line with its own traditions…This is about more than holding elections-it’s also about what happens between them. Repression takes many forms, and too many nations are plagued by problems that condemn their people to poverty. No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves, or police can be bought off by drug traffickers…No person wants to live in a society where the rule of law gives way to the rule of brutality and bribery. That is not democracy that is tyranny and now is the time for it to end.” (Barack Obama, 2009).

The above quote give credence to the fact that democracy is not simply about holding elections but more about the respecting and protecting the fundamental rights of its citizens. Obama calls such systems as tyranny disguise as democracies. As such no body will like to live in a society that state force is compromise and use to brutalize its citizens. Above all he emphatically made the point that “REPRESSION TAKES MANY FORMS”. What these people collectively did to me and are still doing to others at the blind side of the general public amount to “alternative forms of repression” disguise in a so-called “Investigation”. Democracies the world over are admired and preferred to others for the chief reason that it is the only political system noted for safeguarding and exerting fundamental human rights and liberties of people. The earlier we as a country tackle this deficiency in our system the better it will be to avert similar injustices being meted out to law abiding citizens in the future by powerful individuals and organized groups within the Ghanaian society.

Kennedy Osei-Tutu,

M.A. International NGOs, 2011

Webster University USA, Netherlands Campus

(Dutch Foreign Affairs Ministry International Scholarship Award, 2010)

B.A. Psychology with Sociology, 2004

University of Ghana, Legon

Prospective PhD Researcher || Int'l. NGOs Mgt Specialist



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