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14.04.2019 Sudan

Sudan's Military Rulers Hold Talks With Protest Leaders

Africa REUTERS/Stringer
APR 14, 2019 SUDAN

Sudan's military rulers have held talks with protests leaders demanding the creation of a civilian government following the overthrow of the country's regime – as thousands of people remained camped outside the army headquarters overnight.

The Alliance for Freedom and Change, an umbrella group leading the protests, on Saturday said they had delivered their demands – including restructuring Sudan's National Intelligence and Security Service.

Sudan has seen two leaders toppled in two days after General Awad Ibn Ouf, who ousted longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir, was himself ousted after 24 hours.

The new leader of the Military Transition Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, has promised to hand over power to a civilian government within two years.

He also lifted a night curfew imposed by his predecessor and ordered the release of prisoners jailed under the emergency law for protests against al-Bashir.

In a statement broadcast on Sudanese radio, al-Burhan urged the protesters to return home – promising the military council was working to promote an equal society that protected political freedoms.