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13.04.2019 Sudan

Jubilation As Sudan Topples Two Leaders In Two Days

Africa Sudan News Agency /
APR 13, 2019 SUDAN
Sudan News Agency /

Protesters Sudan are celebrating the toppling of two leaders in two days following the resignation of military council chief Ahmed Awad Ibn Ouf, who stepped down a day after ousting longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir.

Ibn Ouf, who is known for his role in the brutal repression of the insurgency in western Darfur, was seen as being too similar to Bashir.

On Friday he named another general, Abdel-Fattah Burhan, as his successor at the head of the Transitional Military Council. Burhan is to lead Sudan for two years until elections are held.

The council has promised that Sudan's next government will be civilian, and will be formed by the consensus of the political forces – without any military intervention. However the armed forces would maintain the defence and interior ministries for the purpose of countering any security challenges.

It's unclear if the move will be enough to satisfy protesters who are calling for widespread pro-democracy reforms.

Sudan's military has said it will not be handing Bashir over to the International Criminal Court, where he faces charges of crimes against humanity.