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13.04.2019 Headlines

Bono Regional Minister Sails Through After Secret Voting In Parliament

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Bono Regional Minister Sails Through After Secret Voting In Parliament
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Bono Regional Minister-designate, Evelyn Kumi Richardson, has been approved as the substantive minister following a secret voting in parliament.

Parliament voted to confirm her nomination by the President Nana Akufo-Addo.

The minority members of parliament had earlier kicked against her nomination.

125 of the Members of Parliament voted to endorse her approval while 85 voted against her.

According to a report presented to the House by the Appointments Committee, her approval was only supported by the Majority.

The Appointments Committee of Parliament earlier withheld Mrs. Kumi-Richardson's approval because her nomination was under contention.

Minority MPs raised questions about the academic qualifications of Mrs. Kumi-Richardson who was the Municipal Chief Executive for Sunyani.

Her human relations, some travels she undertook as MCE were some of the issues that the Minority raised during her appearance before the committee.

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu insisted that Evelyn Kumi-Richardson must provide further information on audit queries and land issues under her purview as Sunyani MCE.

“The onus is not on us as the appointments committee. The onus is on her to provide further and better particulars to answers on questions on an audit query and matters related to land.”

Mrs. Kumi-Richardson was one of four nominees vetted in the second batch by the Appointments Committee.

All other nominees for the various Ministerial and deputy ministerial roles had already been approved by the House.