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12.04.2019 Europe

First Yellow vest protest after end of Great National Debate

World Benoit Tessier/Reuters
APR 12, 2019 EUROPE

Yellow vest protesters are planning gatherings across France on Saturday, days after Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the end of the Great national debate, and ahead of announcements of concrete action from the government. For the 22nd consecutive week of protests, organisers are calling for a focus on the south-western city of Toulouse.

Several social media posts have called for Toulouse to be the “capital” of the Yellow vests on Saturday. Organisers are calling for a day of national mobilisation “to fight against Macron and his world”. Some key figures in the movement have said they will be in the city.

Organisers have not officially declared their route to the police, and the city has shut down the main Place du Capitole for the day.

Police reinforcements are also being sent to Bordeaux and Montpellier, where demonstrations have been called as well.

In Paris, organisers are calling for a protest against the anti-riot law that came into effect on Thursday. A Yellow vest march will go from the northwest of the city, to Place de la Republique, where several groups, including NGOs like Amnesty International, have called for a demonstration for the right to protest.

As in the previous three weeks, police have banned any gatherings on the Champs-Elysées and a perimeter around, including the National Assembly.