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11.04.2019 General News

District Offices To Get Printing Machines For Exams--GES

Staff Writer
Some of the teachers stood on chairs to write the exam questions on the chalkboards
Some of the teachers stood on chairs to write the exam questions on the chalkboards

At a press conference on Thursday to address some issues in the education sector, Director General of the GES said proposals were made for the provision “of printing equipment at all district education offices throughout the country to do the printing of examination questions and other printing needs of the schools and offices, without any direct financial commitment to any pupil or parent.”


The teachers said government’s failure to intervene contributed to the situation

Another proposal that was made at that consultative meeting was for part of the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) grant to be used in the printing of the examination papers, but the provision of the machines seems more plausible.

He said the printing machines will be available by the beginning of the next term and will be put to use.

Mr Amankwa stated that the Service will not revert to the old ways of things and that the directive for pupils not to be billed for examination papers will stand.

He stressed: “The Constitution of the Republic of Ghana provides for free compulsory basic education. The indication to us is that no child should be denied access to academic work by reason of a person’s inability to pay.

“Payment of any levies, fees which has the potential of denying any child access to academic work is therefore unacceptable,” Kwasi Opoku Amankwa told journalists.

He reiterated the Services’ commitment to implement the FCUBE and therefore “one’s inability to pay should not be the basis for which any child will be denied access to education.”