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11.04.2019 Feature Article

Did You See Moses etal..?

Good Morning Asomase, I bring you good tidings today. First of all, "Awurade Asomdwee nka wo' (may the peace of God be upon you.

"Thank you my brother. May His peace be upon you too. What a surprise visit, I never expected you to be in this neighbourhood, let alone come into my house. I hope it's all good."

Never heard that ,never say never?
Indeed, it's all good. I'm globetrotting, scouring for news. I started off from Zimbabwe, passed through Lagos, Nigeria, made a few whistle stops in the neighbouring countries and finally here in Ghana ---my native home.

A little history about me: I'm a messenger of peace but my message stings. I'm not a police officer but I carry cuffs. I don't arrest my victims and I won't arrest you.That's a good thing isn't it ? Long story short, I'm here to probe and jaw-jaw.

So, let's hit the ground running: I find your latest claim so intriguing. I think you ignored my legendary warning--- stay away from the microphone. Yes you did, which is why we are here. I kinda believe your story but at the same time I've this element called doubt lingering in my head. I guess doubt is not the word I'm looking for. But anyway, do you mind to throw some light on your statement?

Did you really see Moses, Elijah, Enoch, Noah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Prophet Samuel?

What were they wearing?
Were they in cassocks?
What did they say to you?
Did they say anything about Obinim and his stickers, bread and lotto numbers?

Did you dine with them?
Did they say anytjing about the Apocalypse?
How long was Moses' beared or he didn't wear one as his brother Aaron?

You Elijah where was his prodigy Elisha?
'Emma wobo mmfu ey3 as3m bisa'.
I guess you were transfiguted too..
Again tell me, did you consider the implications of this claim?

And did you have any idea how wide the winds would carry your message? If you didn't know all that then I must break the news to you now: Your claim of seeing the biblical prophets has gone viral.

It must've been a surreal encounter or experience though. You know many think 'Atemuda', Judgement Day or the Apocalypse is right here at the corner or coming today

Well, it's already daybreak in Down Under--Australia. Yes, Australians have already seen tomorrow so if your pastor told you in Ghana today, that the Endtime is tomorrow, then you better think twice.

The bees are already busy. The birds are chirping,, the pigs are getting themselves dirty and the people are peopling everywhere.

And hey, if you like coffee hurry up.
Head down to Starbucks. I understand the Hebrew boy-- Moses is now in charge.

Yeah, Hebrews his coffee in early mornings.
Besides, no one does it better than him.
Are there no good Pizzas in Nigeria?
Where is this craze coming from?
Did the oligarchs in Lagos think the pizzas made in Nigeria aren't good enough?

No kidding, I hear some rich guys in Nigeria are ordering pizzas from London via airplane.

Sounds ridiculous isn't it?
Well they will tell you this: They don't have the right to spend their monies anyhow?

They certainly do. It's their money so let them spend it anyhow.

God calls a Zimbabwean pastor on phone
Yesterday, I saw a group of Christians twitching their bodies in dirts and shrubs as if they've lost their minds.I saw others that were carrying their suitcases and briefcases. Some were crawling, but the majority kneel-walked!!

Where do you think they were going?
On their way to Heaven. Flight fully booked.
Is that how we go to Heaven or Paradise?
In Zimbabwe, a certain pastor claimed he'd received a phone call from God.

The paradox is, the congregants believed him as they cheered him on amid shouts of Hallelujah.

The Social Media
There are new stores in town virtually scattered everywhere. The thing about them is, they're not just new but they're unique.

Their products are said to be turning heads over heels. And it's understood the managers of the stores are incredibly making a million bucks every day.

Yes, if you haven't had a good laugh in the last 72 hours, then you've done yourself a great disservice.

Go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc. You'll see the transfiguration episode. It is now trending.

Moses, Elijah, Noah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Samuel have been sighted in these stores.

One by one they revealed themselves to Osofo Owusu Bempa.

"While I was praying to God, I saw Moses, I saw Elijah, I saw Enoch and I saw Noah too. I also saw Isaiah, Jeremiah, and prophet Samuel."

He says he's not a braggart. " I can even describe how they look I am not bragging", he noted.

My people open your eyes.
Let's be as wise as the serpent. There are good ones. And there are bad ones too. So beware of the scammers.

"The greatest danger to the church today is not humanism, paganism, atheism or agnosticism. The greatest danger is not increasing hostility against our faith from the culture.

Our greatest danger is apostasy on the inside, arising from false teachers- theological liberals who deny and distort biblical doctrine and lead others down the same path," Mark Hitchcock.

Gordon Offin-Amaniampong
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