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29.12.2005 General News

NDC bigwigs 'EXPOSE' Frances, Baah

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Ato Ahwoi a leading member of the NDC says the incidents of thuggery reported at the recent congress of the party in Koforidua is unfounded.

Mr. Ahwoi was reacting to fallouts from the congress, which has led to the resignations of two leading personalities of the NDC, former women's organiser Frances Essiam and a former vice-chairman, Kwaku Baah.

Speaking on Joy FM'S Super Morning Show, Mr. Ahwoi said the two resignations would not affect the support base of the NDC.

“Frances Assiam claims that she was beaten. Have you seen her back? Have you seen the marks there? Who saw her been beaten and has she shown it to anyone?

“You journalists are saying that Jojo Bruce Quansah when he said he was beaten, they checked and there were no marks on his body so he was not beaten. Have you seen any marks on Frances' body?

“I'm sure that she had arranged it so that whether she was beaten or not she was going to make sure that the congress was described as a violent congress. That is Frances Assiam for you.

“This was one of the most peaceful congress that I had ever attended. There was so much peace there and the very people who are claiming that they were beaten are the very people who are supposed to maintain peace and order at the place.

“But coming back to Frances, you know she is one of the most violent people in the NDC. Frances Assiam is violent incorporated”, she said.

A member of the NDC's Congress Organizing Committee says the reasons assigned for the former national vice chairman's resignation are untenable.

Kwaku Baah announced his resignation on JOY FM yesterday citing incidence of victimization and what he called acts terrorism at the recent congress.

But Dr. Ben Kumbuor says there could be more to Mr. Baah's decision to leave the party.

He told JOYNEWS Mr. Baah chaired the steering, electoral and legal committees at the congress and should have raised objections if he had reason to complain.

“If you are actually put in the position of leadership to administer affairs of the group, you are supposed to be ensuring that everything is in place before any other activities take place. You have been given residual powers should any of these situations come up.

“As a leading member and chairman of this committee you have some powers to evolve and schedule things that do not take place. At what point did he evolve any of these powers or did he make a major complain at the congress that he believes that the congress is not progressing properly.

“Due to the so called take over if you look at the color and the blend of all those who were in the committee, hardly can anyone say a member of the committee belongs to the so called Rawlings factions. On the contrary, the witness we heard at the congress was just a one sided thing in which people take friends and load them up in the committee”, he said.

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