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10.04.2019 General News

I will face the disappointed Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng in court – Solomon Owusu

Solomon Owusu
Solomon OwusuSolomon Owusu

A Ghanaian USA based Mining Engineer and former NPP-California Chapter Deputy Secretary, Solomon Owusu, popularly known as “galamsey crusader” has dared Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng to pursue his defamation lawsuit and he will face him in court. Prof is the chairman of the inter-ministerial committee of illegal mining (IMCIM), who doubles as the minister for science, technology, environment, and innovation. Solomon received a writ of the lawsuit in Ghana and he filed a notice of court appearance at the Accra High Court before traveling back to USA last Saturday.

In video and audio recordings circulating on social media, Mr. Owusu thought the lawsuit had been withdrawn because both parties settled the misunderstanding between them earlier at Prof’s office. “I apologized to Prof on the personal attacks, after he disclosed that Charles Bissue, the IMCIM secretary did not make things clear to him. I felt sorry when Prof admitted that he also erred for not listening to me earlier before I hit him hard on social media. Hence, I had to apologize to him, considering how the Ghanaian culture treats elders. However, let me make it clear that the apology was not based on my crusade against the galamsey matter but just to show respect to the elderly man as our tradition demands”, Solomon said.

The diehard NPP member stressed that he has evidence to justify his claim that Prof Frimpong-Boateng is a director of a small-scale mining company called Symphony Mining, where his son, Jojo Frimpong-Boateng is the CEO. The mining professional is ready to provide some documentations on Symphony Mining at the Accra High Court to substantiate his claim about Prof Frimpong-Boateng’s involvement in mining activities in Ghana. Solomon has admonished all Ghanaians to be brave in naming and shaming corrupt government appointees to assist H.E. Nana Akufo Addo to succeed in his governance.

In addition, Solomon stated that Prof Frimpong-Boateng breached Ghana’s Mining and Mineral laws by engaging foreigners to Amadaa in the Atwima Mponua district to dredge for gold without legitimate mining license and parliamentary ratification to support their mining activities. According to him, it was a criminal act on the part of Professor Frimpong-Boateng for conniving with foreigners to extract gold in the Offin River, when a ban had been imposed on both legal and illegal small-scale mining activities in Ghana.

Again, Solomon could not fathom why a Chinese small-scale mining company called Shaanxi Mining was operating while Ghanaian small-scale miners were asked to stay home unemployed. The mining engineer in Colorado, USA said the chairman of the IMCIM lied to the president H.E. Nana Akufo Addo by providing misleading information to him concerning the restoration of the polluted water bodies in the mining areas. In his opinion, that falsehood led the president to misinform the public during the 2019 Mining Indaba held in South Africa. Furthermore, it is surprising that the water bodies are still muddy after close to two years of the ban. Hence, the galamsey crusader is calling on the president to sack Professor Frimpong-Boateng with immediate effect for his incompetence in addressing the illegal mining menace.

Besides, Solomon called on all Ghanaians to resist the operations of the Chinese illegal mining in the country, which are the major causes of water pollution and land degradation in Ghana. “Considering our mining laws, no foreigner is allowed to operate small-scale mining in Ghana so why all these Chinese guys everywhere and seriously mining in our water bodies?”, he questioned. The crusader tasked the Ghanaian citizens to be bold and challenge the government appointees who take wrongful decisions to affect the masses. According to the mining engineer with some knowledge and experience in mining, the foreigners, especially the Chinese guys have identified enormous opportunities in Ghana and striving hard to smuggle our natural resources to their country.

The political firebrand unequivocally stated that some chiefs in the mining areas and some politicians are behind the foreigners who mine illegally in Ghana. He cautioned them to stop conniving with those foreign nationals to defraud the nation. He assured all Ghanaians about his preparedness to meet Prof Frimpong-Boateng at the law court and support his claims with concrete evidence. He cautioned that his evidence at hand will seriously expose Prof Frimpong-Boateng and also disgrace the entire NPP party.

Story by:
Solomon Owusu
Denver, Colorado, USA
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: 0013038803237

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