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10.04.2019 Opinion

Your Endowments/ Blessings Are In You, Access Them With Faith

Kwabena Ofori-Panin

Yes, my Black/African people, stop complaints and be masters of your destiny, if that is what you like. Note that YOU are at the center of your own life.

Africa is rightly touted as blessed with natural resources (weather, mineral deposits, climate, etc) for example. Note that these are mostly placed in the earth and or in raw state. Unfortunately, out of ignorance and inadequate/no faith, Africans do not usually go deeper beyond the reach of our root crops or our pit latrines to discover them. Even their eventual use are usually not determined by ourselves

The bigger faith of the Whites motivates them to create machines and gadgets to discover and access these minerals on our land. Well, if you don't value this the prizes of faith and the mere possession of the blessings are shown by the less than ten percent share the exploiters give possessors after extraction.

Your faith to dig into your own store of innate resources is as valuable as the 90% share exploiters keep for themselves. Hey wait, did I ask you to do anything? Well, even if I did, the choice is still yours to either keep your resources in you, unused and worry about your mediocrity against their innovativeness or deploy them for your development and be your own boss.


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