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11.04.2019 NDC News

NDC Asks NPP For Evidence Over Inflated Project Cost Claims

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APR 11, 2019 NDC NEWS

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) at a press conference on Tuesday, challenged the NPP to provide proof that the cost of the projects initiated under the erstwhile Mahama administration was inflated.

National Communications Officer, Sammy Gyenfi said “today they are in government, they have the apparatus of state at their disposal. They have all the security and investigative bodies at their disposal.

“Where is the evidence that the Ridge Hospital Project was inflated? Where is the evidence that president Mahama spent $10 million in printing presidential diaries? Where is the evidence that the Kasoa Interchange, Kumasi Airport projects were inflated,” he questioned.

He added that if the purpose of government’s “lies” is so that Ghanaians retain them in power in the 2020 elections, then they are miscalculating because “Ghanaians are discerning.”

The NDC said the record of former president Mahama whom the NPP describes as a destroyer, stands tall in the country's history and Ghanaians will see through the deception of government.

He believes that in 2020, Ghanaians will vote for the 'redenominated' John Mahama, as described by the NPP, over a 'depreciated' and 'discredited' Akufo-Addo.