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09.04.2019 Press Release

Be Decorous With Your Choice Of Words In Your Press Statements; Movement For Nkpakpaando To Anufor Youth Movement

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Nkpakpaando wishes to register our displeasure and disappointment at the extreme of lies and nonsense contained in a press release by a group calling itself Anofu Youth Movement,

In a statement which lacks credibility as its authorship and which originality cannot be ascertained. We deem it necessary to respond so as to expose the lies being peddled by the Anofu Youth movement just to win the sympathy of Ghanaians when indeed, they are the architects of the disturbances in Cheriponi.

It is so provoking to note that the Anufo Youth, at the peak of the conflict, ran from one media house to the other, and on both print and electronic media in desperate attempt at creating the impression that the Konkombas were the ones killing them but has now outrageously come out in a press release on which we issue this rebuttal against the statement we consider as sarcastic as follows: "DOGS ARE STILL EATING SOME OF THE DEAD BODIES OF KONKOMBAS" and the "media has been economical in reporting the number of deaths killed in the conflict to mean that more konkombas were killed by the Chokosis.

We want to ask the Anufo youth what they mean by those statements and what they seek to gain or better still what message are they sending out to Ghanaians on the chereponi conflict they superintend?

We want Ghanaians to know that Anufo youth are the brain behind this conflict and not anybody, they are the cause of the conflict.

Even at a time calm is returning, this Anufo youth still play war drums and organizing their people to attack Konkombas while singing victory songs. There is evidence to back this. Everyone can recall that last week, 14 Chokosis went with guns to attack a koonkomba community but were arrested by the Military, so what are the Anufo youth saying again? is the arrest is not True?

In fact! Anufo Youth Movement is warmongers and if like, a terrorist group, Their leaders should be arrested by the security agencies for interrogations!.

Anufo Youth are always quick to put blames on konkomba politicians especially the defense Minister by ignorantly attributing the responsibilities of Interior Ministry and the Regional security council to his ministry. Hon. Dominic does not have a hand in the Chereponi conflict and has never supported any Konkomba to fight,or they think he is like their leaders?

They should stop talking about our politicians and focus on theirs because they are not those who voted Hon. Dominic Nitiwul into power.

Anufor Youth should bow their heads in shame for their disgraceful statements over this chereponi matter or else they are capable of prolonging this conflict.

Also, Anufo Youth continues to make reference to the reports of the fact-finding Committee, where do they get access to the report? and has the report indicted the innocent defense minister? Or has the report being made public now?

Finally, we want to warn the Anufo youth to stop causing more anger Konkombas with those statements.If they are never ready for peace and think that violence begets violence then they will definitely meet their meter one day.

We Konkomba are preaching peace while they are singing war songs....why?

Or if they lack people with character to talk for them, they should consult the peace council for coaching.

Below is the unedited outrageous press release by the Anufo youth Movement sighted on social media

"Re: Press release by the Anufo Youth Movement on the protracted conflict between the Konkombas and the Anufos (Chakosis).

Dear Ghana, your Northern and North-Eastern brothers are leaving in perpetual fear and panic day by day. Two feuding factions i.e Konkombas and Chakosis have since the start of 2019 refused to give peace a chance. The Konkombas claim to have the men in politics and in the media and so do whatever they so wish to paint the Anufos black in the face of a bitter truth they the Konkombas have failed to acknowledge long since. Before I table any fact here, I want to remind Mr President and the good of Ghana to as a matter of urgency ACT ON THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE WHICH WAS INSTITUTED TO FIND THE REMOTE CAUSE OF THE REPRISAL ATTACK IN THE SECOND LEG OF THE CONFLICT.

Now to the bare facts:
1. The Konkombas claim they are the second majority tribe as far as Northern Ghana is concerned and for that matter would do everything possible to reclaim their dignity and respect. The question is: Did the Chakosis take their dignity or respect? In which way?

2. The Konkombas claim that the land of Chereponi belongs to them and that the people of Chereponi are illegally occupying their houses. Dear constitution of Ghana, have you shrouded in your clauses the singular right of the Konkomba community to use conflict as the only means of reclaiming ownership of property in modern Ghana?

3. The Konkombas claim that Chakosis are few in number and it will take just some few hours to finish them in gun fires were it not for the support of the Military. According to a number of their conferences and releases, the military sided with Chereponi and assisted to kill them(kkbs). Dear Military personnel, is this allegation true?

4. The Konkombas claim that the Chakosis have always been the ones to attack them. If government is to be fair here, has any dead body of the Chakosis been found in the Konkomba community? They (kkbs)come in and shoot and burn and wait for the people to come out to be killed and the military are alerted to go there, sometimes hard to convince some of them to dispatch self, they the (kkbs) have successfully touched down every household by Anufos.

Now in connection with their unfounded claims in the press release yesterday, the 5th of April, 2019, that the police went for patrol and met a group of Chakosis with arms planning to attack their people from market, I wish to ask this simple question which is would a man with a mission to attack group in their home or go out to the target location?

These Konkombas pretend to be Holy in all of these confusions and rush to make Ghanaians feel that the Chakosis are the ones brewing the fight. To set the records straight, NO CHAKOSIS HAVE PLANNED AN ATTACK EXCEPT THEY HAVE BEEN ATTACKED FIRST AND THEY ATTEMPT TO DEFEND THEIR PEOPLE.

Again, the media has always been inundated with palpable lies by the Konkombas that the Chakosis do not want peace. Mr President, let it interest you that 2020 elections are at the corner. Not only Konkombas voted you into power. The Defense Minister and his cohorts have been swift to shift carpets with the truth of the matter of the conflict and up to now no word has come from you to both parties yet. No problem. Ghana will still be Ghana, the defense Minister will surely be different person after every elections.

Let me put forward some hardcore truth here:
1. During the 15th March attack, Konkombas blocked a public transport around Garinkuka, a Konkomba community, and dropped Chakosis, beat them up and some two boys could have still not been found. No word from them. There is no trace of them. Mr President, help us find our missing boys. They were traveling home and not going for conflict.

2. The Konkombas claim that on some said dates i.e "In the last month, Chokosis have attacked and beaten Konkombas on the following dates.

1. 20/3/19 Attack on a Konkomba from Fali in Togo by Chokosis.

2. 26/3/19 Attack on Konkombas from Bukasu in Chereponi.

3. 30/3/19 Attack Konkombas from Yoyoo district, who found themselves in Chokosi community

on their way to Saboba were attacked.
4. 03/04/19, the Chokosis attacked Naduni again and by the time the security agents got there,

they had run away" Naduni is a Chakosis community, though some Konkombas live around there, did these Chakosis go to attack their colleague Chakosis or what? Again, in all of these instances, where is the report of the burnt Chakosis houses in Saboba? Did the Konkombas not pull down the remains of buildings of the Chakosis they torched after everyone thought calm had returned?

3. Mr President, the media has been economical with the truth. Dogs are still eating some of the dead bodies of the Konkombas. The death toll had been wrongly reported.

4. Anytime the Konkombas want to attack, all their people in the Chereponi District are made aware to vacate the place before. As of now, their students even candidates, are leaving the SHS when they're about write soon. There was a directive form the district directorate that all Konkomba students should be allowed to leave the town prior to the 15th March attack. Not just that alone, countless rumours were making the rounds that the attack was going to occur on the 6th of March when the soldiers have left. Nobody took it seriously until it happened. Are these the people who rush to say they are peace loving?

Dear Ghanaians, the Chakosis want lasting peace to all this nonsense called conflict. We do know that surely, there is no winner. Step in if we matter that much to you, all Ghanaians. Lives are displaced always because of fresh attacks here and there.

Peace is our hallmark"
Mr.Sibdow Njonam Justice
President, MoFN
Mr.David Naboare
Tel:+233 54 109 8521
Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba