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09.04.2019 Feature Article

What's Going On In South Africa?

What's Going On In South Africa?
LISTEN APR 9, 2019

Tell Mashoud Abiola and Nelson Mandela that

I'm not responsible for the hate crime and the xenophobic practice happening in South Africa now.

Please let Kwame Nkrumah and Kofi Annan know this too. That my hands are clean.

I've no blood in my hands.

And I've no share in the barbarism.

I hear the quartet are very angry and worried about the situation in the Rainbow nation.

I've not pimped anyone to carry machetes.

I haven't deployed any group of persons to carry guns, sticks, and stones to cause mayhem.

Madiba. O' Madiba,, do me a favour:

Please, tell your kids to keep their wigs on.

I know there will always be bigots.

I know there will always be haters and there will always be war-mongers.

Those that plan to do evil, will do evil and perpetrate evil no matter what.

They will commit heinous crime under the guise of poverty, insecurity and what have you.

They will assign three trillion reasons as to why they are up in arms. But, don't buy that!

The reaso, this isn't their first. This is about the third time.

Remember, we've been here before.

We moaned like doves and we wailed uncontrollably. We walked this dark, ugly path.

A bloodied silhouette stood in the mirror.

Fear gawked him. Tear drops tumbled like boulders from the top of Grand Canyon.

We thought the devil had gone to bed with hate and sucked the babies from our mothers' womb.

Our egos were hungry.

The little demons inside us were blood-thirsty. The monsters had tattooed their faces like leopards. And the hyenas mauled their prey like vampires, they were simply on fire.

Yes, they may not be one of the finest people on Earth. They may be cited in crime A or B.

They may not have long legs and pointed nose. But don't forget they're your kinsmen?

Their complexion isn't different from your complexion.

Remember, they helped you out when you were in trouble.They fed you, they clothed you and put roof over your head.

Is this their payback?

Think about it. Take a deep breath and think deep about it. Yes they're troublesome (some of them).But you cannot label a whole nationality as evils, wicked and good-for-nothing home sapiens.

See, you've taken it too far. Satan is even fed up with you. You've incurred his displeasure for the first time since creation.

Satan says nobody must blame him for the burn, the loot and the killings in South Africa.

"I haven't pimped any body to carry machetes, to bear arms or guns, to carry sticks and throw stones and cause mayhem."

So, tell Mashoud Abiola and Nelson Mandela that I played no role in this crime. And owe no one no explanation. Therefore, nobody should blame me. I, however, dare you to ask yourselves this question:

Why are we doing this to our own people?

Do we hate them because they feed on snakes, frogs, lizards, worms, insects and rodents?

Do we hate them because they kill their prey by grabbing it behind the head and battering it against a tree or branch or dropping it from a height?

Do we hate them because they laugh like us(humans)?

Or we hate them because they've sharply pointed beaks, dark banded tails and plumage?

I'm talking about these unique birds--- Kookaburras, their existence here is threatened. They re being poached.

People are killing them.

Must we kill our own people or kill anybody just because we hate them or they don't belong to our group?

Author. Bertrand Russell says:

"Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and leads to or produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd."

Gordon Offin-Amaniampong
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