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08.04.2019 Press Release

A Must Need For Ngo Act To Regulate Ngos Operations In Ghana -Piran-Gh


NGO/CSOS are set up to bridge the gap left by the government and the private sector, the importance of this third force cannot be underrated and hence the need for an act of parliament to see to their regulations and operations to ensure transparency and accountability.

Due to donor and beneficiaries wading mistrust in NGO operations due to unsubstantiated misconception based mostly on wrong perception, the sustainability of this third sector is challenged due to lack of funds to execute programmes and projects.

The President of the National Philanthropy Forum Dr. Ben Ocra in his open address at the just ended 4th National Philanthropy summit in Accra International Conference Center tasked government to give ngos the framework to make profit to fund their programmes and projects. in addition to our call for act of parliament for ngo operations also support the call by the National philanthropy forum president that ngos allowed to make profit and reinject same into their operations.

The call for this NGO ACT has arose because in recent times organizations are formed which pretend to be NGOS but using the name for other purposes (benefiting the founders, the government, opposition, commercial companies, influential and powerful individuals.). Act of parliament could outline the clear boundaries to categorize NGOS into operational ngos and advocacy ngos. Whiles the operational seek to deliver service, execute projects among others. The advocacy ngos will also influence policy decisions to bring positive outcomes of government and private sector policy decisions.

NGOS are supposed to be part of the Civil Society sector distinct from Government and the Private/Business sector anything contrary to this is out of place and the need for an act of parliament a necessity to weed out the bad nuts and consider the proposal for ngos to venture into social enterprises to raise money to fund their projects/programme in the face of donor fatigue.

Yours faithfully

Felix Djan Foh
President. PIRAN.

Timothy Fiadzoe
Sectary. PIRAN.

James K Dumenyah.
Coordinator. PIRAN.GH